Tesla Accomplishes Its 4 Top Missions

But that mission has been repeated by Elon Musk and Tesla many times and was basically implied in the secret master plan. From Tesla itself, the … social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit

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Vodafone just took the title of best value SIM only deal in the UK

For the last week or so, Vodafone has been playing second fiddle to Three in terms of the best SIM only deals on the UK market. Both were priced at £20 per month for enormous amounts of data, texts and calls, but Three held on to its status as top SIMO dog thanks to its all-you-can-eat data gambit.

But Three’s extraordinary offer has now finally ended, leaving Vodafone as the heir apparent to the crown. The SIMO king is dead – long live the SIMO king!

So what does Vodafone’s biggest ever data SIM only deal look like? Well, it’s offering a massive 100GB of data each month for those same £20 per month bills. Of course unlimited would have been nicer, but 100GB is still a sum that you’ll struggle to even get close to using away from Wi-Fi in a single month – it amounts to around 100 hours of Netflix or Spotify streaming, so a good three hours of solid entertainment every single day.

This impressive Vodafone SIM only deal in full:

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UFC 235 live stream online

Watch UFC 235 live stream online on MMA Fighting for the pay-per-view card at 10 p.m. ET on March 2. The fight card for this portion is as follows:.
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Trump’s North Korea Summit Inspires Spearphishing

Attention this week bent toward the House Oversight Committee, where President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen testified Wednesday that the president was “a conman.” WIRED’s resident Mueller investigation expert Garrett Graff had five takeaways from the testimony. And while the politicians in the room grandstanded, Graff concluded that Cohen himself looked more credible than ever.

So riveting was the hearing—which included heated arguments about race, scandalous details about payoffs, and whispered collusion about meetings with Russia—that you’d be forgiven for missing that other things actually happened this week, too.

There was the whole summit with North Korea, which fell apart and revealed that President Trump can’t make a nuclear deal with a hostile enemy nation on his own. We also learned that US government hackers turned [...]  read more

2019 US VC funds take a more boutique approach

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Over the past year, we’ve written a lot about the rise of supergiant venture capital funds. Ever since the rollout of the $100 billion SoftBank Vision Fund, established VCs have been outdoing each other to raise ever-bigger funds.

But let’s not write the epitaph on smaller funds. U.S. venture fundraising data for 2019 reveals a lot of smaller, more focused funds closing on capital. Newcomers are rolling out fresh early-stage funds, and even established VCs are opting in many cases to keep fund size constant or even a bit smaller.

The influx of small and mid-sized funds serves as a reminder that supergiant funds are somewhat of an aberration for the venture capital industry. While VCs compete to back massively scalable startups, the common wisdom is the venture capital industry itself does not scale especially well. Adding more capital to the pot, the thinking goes, likely does more to inflate valuations than foster great companies.

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5G phones are here but there’s no rush to upgrade

This year’s Mobile World Congress — the CES for Android device makers — was awash with 5G handsets.

The world’s No.1 smartphone seller by marketshare, Samsung, got out ahead with a standalone launch event in San Francisco, showing off two 5G devices, just before fast-following Android rivals popped out their own 5G phones at launch events across Barcelona this week.

We’ve rounded up all these 5G handset launches here. Prices range from an eye-popping $2,600 for Huawei’s foldable phabet-to-tablet Mate X — and an equally eye-watering $1,980 for Samsung’s Galaxy Fold; another 5G handset that bends — to a rather more reasonable $680 for Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 5G, albeit the device is otherwise mid-tier. Other prices for 5G phones announced this week remain tbc.

Android OEMs are clearly hoping the hype around next-gen mobile networks can work a little marketing magic and kick-start stalled smartphone growth. Especially with reports [...]  read more