What’s the Value of a Facebook Cryptocoin?

Just before the Civil War, and long before the Federal Reserve, the United States had 8,000 kinds of money. It was a chaotic, confusing time to buy your groceries. Private banks issued notes with the promise of backing in gold and silver, but their actual value was anybody’s guess. Soon other companies—drug stores, coal mines, …

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Why have so many 5G phones been launched already this year?

Why are 5G phones even being unveiled already? It feels like it’s barely months since 4G networks launched… so why are we even talking about selling 5G handsets already? Why did we see multiple phones being announced at MWC this year packing the new technology on board?

I’m certainly not against the idea of 5G coming into the smartphone world… and wider. It’s genuinely going to be a revolution. 

It’s going to allow multiple sensors to be connected together on a network at once – this is going to have a huge effect on things like large factories, where multiple elements can be monitored to bring large-scale efficiencies. That might sound dull, but it’s game-changing stuff to businesses.

Driverless cars will be able to be connected and controlled with almost zero lag, so pinpoint corrections can be made from the cloud. 

Gaming on the go will be possible, as you’ll be able to connect to a console-quality server and stream games to your phone. [...]  read more

Juventus vs napoli Live stream

Juventus vs napoli: Italy Serie A 2019 livestream, time. Live Here>>http://bit.ly/1XDukgj. A big 10-day period for Juventus starts on Sunday when they …
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Five things we were excited to see at Huawei’s MWC booth

MWC is in full swing, and there have been a slew of great announcements from the show. Huawei’s presence at the show was certainly in full force, and the company made some great reveals during their keynote as well as at their booth. Here are five things that we spotted at Huawei’s MWC booth that’s …

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