Clever Tool Uses Apple’s Videogame Logic Engine to Protect Macs

Between new types of malware, egregious bugs, and universal threats like phishing, Macs are not the invulnerable lockboxes Apple once touted. But in thinking about how to defend Macs against a new generation of threats, researchers at the security firm Digita are taking advantage of features Macs already offer, to monitor threats in unexpected ways. And it’s all powered by Apple’s logic engine for videogames.

At the RSA security conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Digita chief research officer Patrick Wardle is presenting GamePlan, a tool that watches for potentially suspicious events on Macs and flags them for humans to investigate. The general concept sounds similar to other defense platforms, and hooks into detection mechanisms—has a USB stick been inserted into a machine? has someone generated a screen capture? is a program accessing a webcam?—Apple already offers in macOS. But GamePlan, cleverly written with Apple’s GameplayKit framework, collects all of [...]  read more

Milano, l’organo del Duomo è ‘malato’: via alla raccolta fondi per restaurarlo

Tre anni di lavori per un costo che supererà il milione di euro. Scatta l’operazione per salvare l’organo del Duomo di Milano: polveri, ossidazioni, sbalzi di temperatura le principali cause della “malattia” che ha reso necessaria una cura non più rinviabile per le 15.800 canne che lo compongono. Per realizzare il restauro la Veneranda fabbrica …

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UK could soon hit data storage breaking point

New research from Veritas Technologies has revealed that UK consumers face a tough choice between deleting their data or paying extra to keep it.

The firm conducted a study to learn more about consumers’ data habits and found that 38 percent of the 2,000 respondents would not pay for extra data storage on top of what is available on their personal devices. This leaves them with the choice to save more of their data or sacrifice the performance of their devices.

When running out of storage on their personal devices, 82 percent said they would rather delete data than pay extra to keep it with the data types most likely to face deletion being films and TV shows (45%), text messages (45%), apps (41%) and videos (35%).

Veritas also discovered that in some cases, consumers put more value on their work-related data than on their personal data with 33 percent willing to delete personal emails compared to 31 percent that said they would delete work emails.

Delete or buy more data

Only 22 percent of those surveyed [...]  read more

Tav, per sbloccare lo stallo nuovo voto in Parlamento

ROMA Un voto del Parlamento per bloccare la Torino-Lione cancellando l'intesa con Parigi. Perdere, e salvare Tav e faccia. La soluzione che il M5S studia per aiutare il premier Giuseppe Conte a trovare una soluzione, è pensata per uscire dalle secche, …
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FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb just abruptly resigned from his post

That was unexpected, including to his FDA colleagues, apparently.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb resigned today from his post, an administration official tells the Washington Post, adding that Gottlieb will relinquish the office in one month.

Unlike many people who leave the Trump Administration, the resignation wasn’t sought out or expected, reports the Post, which notes Gottlieb has recently hired senior staff and been actively and aggressively dividing into new initiatives.

In fact, while Gottlieb has since tweeted a statement from U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, commending Gottlieb as an “exemplar public health leader,” he was earlier today retweeting an interview he’d given on air with CNBC this morning in which he said the FDA was putting 15 national retailers on notice for allegedly selling tobacco products and e-cigs to minors.

He also today pointed his Twitter followers to newly released guidance by the FDA around new steps it’s taking to protect [...]  read more