Democrats introduce bill to restore net neutrality

The Obama administration established net neutrality regulations in 2015, which prevented internet service providers from throttling, blocking or prioritizing internet content, and redefined broadband service as a public utility. The Federal Communications Commission repealed the protections in 2017.

The Save the Internet Act, which seeks to nullify the FCC’s ruling, has support from a number of senators, though Democrats face an uphill battle in their attempt to enshrine the protections into law. They hold sway over the House, but they’ll need to push the legislation through the Republican-controlled Senate and will require President Donald Trump’ to give it the green light.

While several Republicans have expressed support for legislation to codify net neutrality, some have accused previous bills of being partisan or insufficient. Several states have passed their own net neutrality laws, while some governors have demanded ISPs maintain the original rules if they want to receive state contracts. Several attorneys general have also appealed against the FCC’s decision.

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