Firefox Send Is an Easy Way to Share Large Files Securely

You’ve got no shortage of ways to send encrypted messages, and at least as many cloud services for sending large files. But the Venn diagram for the two remains surprisingly, inconveniently small. That’s the beauty of Mozilla’s Firefox Send, a free, intuitive, web-based service that lets you share large encrypted files, no strings attached.

Send began in 2017 as an experiment, part of Firefox’s since-discontinued Test Pilot program. Since then, it has languished in beta, gaining a few features along the way, but mostly in the shadows. Tuesday marks its public launch.

What sets Send apart is its ease of use. It works in any browser; just go to Upload or drag and drop files, and Send will generate a link that you can set to expire after a certain number of downloads—up to 100—or a certain amount of time, ranging from five minutes to seven days. You can send up to [...]  read more

National Cancer Institute chief tapped as acting FDA Commissioner

In the wake of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb’s abrupt resignation, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex M. Azar III announced that Dr. Ned Sharpless will serve as interim commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

Since October 2017, Dr. Sharpless served as director of the National Cancer Institute and, before that, worked as a researcher and hematologist-oncologist at the University of North Carolina. He is also a co-founder of G1 Therapeutics, a biotech firm focused on cancer treatment therapies that went public in May of 2017.

Dr. Sharpless is a temporary appointment, with Secretary Azar saying that the search is on for a permanent candidate for the position, according to the NYT.

(1/3) Change is good, but bittersweet. It is difficult for me to say goodbye to @theNCI family as I head to @FDA to serve as acting commissioner. Rest assured that our shared goals for patients and the public’s health will translate into my new duties.

— Dr. Ned Sharpless (@NCIDirector) [...]  read more

Here, there, and everywhere

Enjoy 14 short films that celebrate bike exploration and travel during the 10th annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival. The film fest is at … The films also take you on adventures through Thailand, Italy, Ukraine, and Iceland.
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Ragazza bresciana uccisa a Manchester, fermati due giovani

Una ragazza bresciana di 26 anni è stata uccisa in un appartamento a Manchester, in Inghilterra. Lo riporta oggi il Giornale di Brescia. Si tratta di una ragazza italiana di origini senegalesi, Lala Kamara, cresciuta in provincia di Brescia, dove ancora vive la sua famiglia che è residente a Calcinato. Si era trasferita nella città inglese tre anni fa per lavorare come infermiera. Proprio ieri avrebbe dovuto iniziare un nuovo lavoro. La polizia ha fermato due giovani di 21 e 25 anni, accusati del delitto, avvenuto sabato nella casa dove viveva Lala. Il padre della 26enne è già partito per l’Inghilterra: “Solo oggi saprò di più sul delitto” ha detto prima di imbarcarsi sull’aereo.
Ragazza bresciana uccisa a Manchester, fermati due giovani
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A first look at Twitter’s new prototype app, twttr

Yesterday, Twitter rolled out its much-anticipated prototype application to the first group of testers. We’ve now gotten our hands on the app and can see how the current version differs from the build Twitter introduced to the world back in January. While the original version and today’s prototype share many of the same features, there have been some small tweaks to as to how conversation threads are displayed, and the color-coded reply labeling system is now much more subtle.

“Twttr,” as the prototype build is called, was created to give Twitter a separate space outside its public network to experiment with new ideas about how Twitter should look, feel, and operate. Initially, the prototype focuses on changes to Replies with the goal of making longer conversations easier to read.

However, the company said it will likely continue to test new ideas within the app in the future. And even the features seen today will continue to change as the company responds to user feedback.

In the [...]  read more