Colleges Need Influencers, but Do Influencers Need College?

Among those called out by The New York Times earlier this week for allegedly scamming their kids’ way into college were the parents of Olivia Jade Giannulli. Giannulli, as her 2 million YouTube followers know, has a successful career as a lifestyle vlogger. You’d be forgiven for wondering if she even needs college. When she first got accepted to the University of Southern California in 2018, she seemed ambivalent herself.

“I don’t know how much of school I’m going to attend,” she said in a YouTube video last August about starting school in the fall. “But I do want the experience of game days and partying.” After a pause she added with a laugh, “I don’t really care about school, as you guys all know.” But, she said, she’d meet with her deans and hoped she could “balance it all.”

By “it all” she meant classes and her busy career. Since her mother—the Full House actress Lori Loughlin—was indicted on Tuesday, Giannulli has [...]  read more

FAA Grounds Boeing’s 737 MAX Jet Days After Ethiopia Crash

The Federal Aviation Administration has grounded Boeing’s 737 MAX airplanes, banning airlines from operating the jets in US airspace, effective immediately. The grounding comes three days after an Ethiopia Airlines 737 MAX 8 crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all 181 passengers and crew aboard, and after many countries had grounded the planes. In a statement, …

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Major mobile malware campaigns hit 250m downloads

Two massive mobile adware and data stealing campaigns that already have over 250m global downloads have been discovered by Check Point Research.

Both campaigns target smartphones running Android and exploit the mobile app development supply chain to infect devices and perform malicious actions.

The first campaign has been dubbed SimBad because most of the infected apps are simulator games and so far this mobile adware campaign already has 147m downloads across 210 infected apps on the Google Play Store.

SimBad makes smartphones almost unusable as it displays countless ads outside of the affected app with no visible way to uninstall it. To make matters worse, the malicious apps hide their icons to prevent them from being uninstalled and SimBad can also generate pages for multiple platforms and open them in a browser to perform spear-phishing attacks on users.

Operation Sheep

Check Point Research also discovered a group of Android applications that have been harvesting users’ contact information without [...]  read more

Italy Changes Vaccination Policy, Again

To warn visitors traveling to Italy, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) re-issued a Level 1 Travel Alert on March 11, 2019.
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Apple Music comes to Fire TV

Apple Music is launching on Amazon Fire TV in the U.S. today, after rolling out in December to Amazon’s Echo line of smart speakers. The news is notable as it’s yet another example of the eased tensions between the two rivals following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s 2017 announcement of Apple’s agreement with Amazon. Their deal allowed Amazon’s Prime Video app to launch on Apple TV and saw the return of Apple products on

Since then, the companies have made several moves to honor their deal.

Last year, for example, Amazon expanded its assortment of Apple inventory to include other devices besides Apple TV — like iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch and Beats headphones. It also brought its FreeTime Unlimited app to iOS. And most recently, Apple Music arrived on Echo.

Now it’s coming to Amazon Fire TV, too.

The launch will allow Apple Music subscribers the ability to access the streaming service’s catalog of 50 million songs just by asking Alexa. Users can request songs, artists, [...]  read more

Pensioni, da aprile i primi tagli

di Gabriella Lax – Arrivano i tagli per le pensioni. È l'Inps a comunicare che, tra aprile e maggio, scatterà il conguaglio sulle rivalutazioni e a seguire il …
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Il prefetto di Milano blocca CasaPound, vietata la manifestazione fascista

Stop al “23 marzo nero”, la manifestazione che CasaPound stava organizzando a Milano per il centenario dei Fasci italiani di combattimento. Il Comitato provinciale per l’ordine e la sicurezza pubblica ha deciso che “per evidenti e gravi ragioni di ordine e sicurezza pubblica non sarà comunque consentita alcuna iniziativa in luogo pubblico che abbia carattere commemorativo o rievocativo”. E questo, sottolinea la Prefettura, nonostante “al momento, non è stato presentato alcun preavviso di manifestazione per il 23 marzo, in coincidenza con il centenario della fondazione dei ‘fasci di combattimento’”. Il caso era stato sollevato nei giorni scorsi da Repubblica. [...]  read more