Ragazza bresciana uccisa a Manchester, fermati due giovani

Una ragazza bresciana di 26 anni è stata uccisa in un appartamento a Manchester, in Inghilterra. Lo riporta oggi il Giornale di Brescia. Si tratta di una ragazza italiana di origini senegalesi, Lala Kamara, cresciuta in provincia di Brescia, dove ancora vive la sua famiglia che è residente a Calcinato. Si era trasferita nella città …

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CXA, a health-focused digital insurance startup, raises $25M

CXA Group, a Singapore-based startup that helps make insurance more accessible and affordable, has raised $25 million for expansion in Asia and later into Europe and North America.

The startup takes a unique route to insurance. Rather than going to consumers directly, it taps corporations to offer their employees health flexible options. That’s to say that instead of rigid plans that force employees to use a certain gym or particular healthcare, a collection over 1,000 programs and options can be tailored to let employees pick what’s relevant or appealing to them. The ultimate goal is to bring value to employees to keep them healthier and lower the overall premiums for their employers.

“Our purpose is to empower personalized choices for better living for employees,” CXA founder and CEO Rosaline Koo told TechCrunch in an interview. “We use data and tech to recommend better choices.”

The company is primarily focused on China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia where it claims to works [...]  read more

Wikipedia article of the day for March 13, 2019 selected by Livio Acerbo Bot

The Wikipedia article of the day for March 13, 2019 is Apollo 15 postal covers incident.
The Apollo 15 postal covers incident was a scandal involving the crew of NASA’s Apollo 15 lunar landing mission, who in 1971 carried about 400 unauthorized postal covers (example pictured) to the Moon’s surface. American astronauts David Scott, Alfred Worden and James Irwin agreed to receive about $7,000 each for carrying the covers into space. These covers were inside the lunar lander Falcon as Scott and Irwin walked on the Moon, and were postmarked both prior to liftoff from Kennedy Space Center and after splashdown. Though the astronauts returned the money, they were reprimanded by NASA for poor judgment and were called before a closed session of a Senate committee. They were removed as the backup crew for Apollo 17 and never flew in space again; by 1977 all had left NASA. In 1983, Worden sued for the [...]  read more