Fan uses AI to remaster ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ in HD

More details are coming in the future, CaptRobau said. Don’t expect to see a fully upgraded DS9 hit the web in the near future. Legal issues notwithstanding (CBS is already antsy about unofficial Star Trek material), it’s still a technical challenge. It took CaptRobau two days to process five minutes of footage on his PC, …

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Verified Expert Lawyer: Mital Makadia

Mital Makadia’s legal career began on the East Coast, with Big Law firms, but she moved into early-stage startup work with long-time Silicon Valley boutique Grellas Shah nearly a decade ago. She’ll work with companies on a range of usual startup issues, but she and the firm also focus on individual founder representation (when it comes to that).

As part of the interview below, we got into a conversation about contentious terms in term sheets — and she ended up writing a guest post for us about the biggest gotchas that she sees in Series A docs. Read up on her here, then go check out What To Watch For In A VC Term Sheet.

On the founder focus:

“We approach the practice with a view to protecting the founders. So we’re not looking to please the VCs. And if that means reviewing the transaction a little bit differently then what the investors are used to, that’s fine by us. That’s pretty much our philosophy.”

On the different perspective:

“For me, I have been through enough financing rounds to know what VCs tend to push for and [...]  read more

Morta Imane Fadil, teste nel processo Ruby contro Berlusconi: “Mix di sostanze radioattive”

E’ morta per un “mix di sostanze radioattive” Imane Fadil, la modella testimone chiave nel processo Ruby Ter, sulle cosiddette cene eleganti ad Arcore, deceduta lo scorso 1 marzo. E’ quanto è emerso dagli esiti degli esami tossicologici disposti lo scorso 26 febbraio dai medici dell’Humanitas di Rozzano ed effettuati in un centro specializzato di Pavia. Esiti arrivati il 6 marzo e trasmessi immediatamente dallo stesso ospedale alla Procura di Milano. Lo ha appreso l’Ansa da fonti qualificate. La 34enne era in ospedale, ricoverata da fine gennaio. La procura di Milano ha aperto un’inchiesta per omicidio volontario sulla sua morte. Fonti della Procura, tuttavia, non confermano che Fadil sia morta per “sostanze radioattive”. All’Agi, altre fonti qualificate, [...]  read more

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch Active prices and deals in March 2019

Samsung’s announcement of its new Galaxy S10 phone wasn’t the only new product information to drop. The tech retailer also announced its newest Galaxy smartwatch –  the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. The newest Samsung wearable is available now for purchase, so we’ve rounded up the best prices and deals from several retailers below.

As the name implies, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is focused on fitness, and its new design and features reflect that. The ultra-lightweight Galaxy Active comes in one size and features a 1.1-inch display. The fitness watch continually monitors your heart and will send alerts when an abnormal heart rate is detected. The Samsung watch can also help with your sleep and stress, analyzing your sleep patterns and sending you breathing exercises when high stress levels are detected. The Galaxy Active will also help you keep on track [...]  read more