Fan uses AI to remaster ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ in HD

More details are coming in the future, CaptRobau said.

Don’t expect to see a fully upgraded DS9 hit the web in the near future. Legal issues notwithstanding (CBS is already antsy about unofficial Star Trek material), it’s still a technical challenge. It took CaptRobau two days to process five minutes of footage on his PC, and there are 176 episodes of the sci-fi classic. It’d take enthusiasts a long time to remaster everything. And you can likely forget about a fan-made 4K update. While AI Gigapixel does work, it’s both more intensive and has the unusual effect of creating very sharp edges while doing relatively little to sharpen everything else.

Not that the enthusiast is necessarily worried. He sees this as a way to goad CBS into producing its own AI-powered remaster, hopefully using customized algorithms and raw material that improve the quality beyond what you see here. This could theoretically give networks a way to improve the quality of many older TV shows without having to spend months or years manually cleaning up every frame.

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