Movie Review: The Alien Overlords of Captive State Might Be Coming—For Us

The world suffers an imbalance. An alien authority known as the Legislators has invaded Earth under the false promise of “peace, unity, and harmony.” Governments have been seized. Militaries demobilized. Cities walled off. The great, last hopes of the contemporary age have fully rotted, giving way to a climate of fear and subjugation. Social fractures …

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PagerDuty just filed its S-1

PagerDuty, an 8.5-year-old, San Francisco-based company that sends companies information about their technology, just filed its S-1, a public disclosure about its plans to go public.

The company, which helps companies quickly respond to IT incidents, as well as increasingly tries to anticipate them, had reportedly filed confidentially several months ago but the 35-day government shutdown meant that no one could review its prospectus (or that of other companies) at the time.

According to a story from Bloomberg dating back a ways, Morgan Stanley is leading the offering.

We’ve reached out to the company for more information.

PagerDuty was valued at $1.3 billion last fall when it closed on $90 million in Series D funding led by T. Rowe Price Associates and Wellington Management. Earlier backers Accel, Andreessen Horowitz and Bessemer Venture Partners had also joined the round, which brought the company’s total funding to $173 million.

According to the S-1, venture investors currently own [...]  read more

Fan uses AI to remaster ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ in HD

More details are coming in the future, CaptRobau said.

Don’t expect to see a fully upgraded DS9 hit the web in the near future. Legal issues notwithstanding (CBS is already antsy about unofficial Star Trek material), it’s still a technical challenge. It took CaptRobau two days to process five minutes of footage on his PC, and there are 176 episodes of the sci-fi classic. It’d take enthusiasts a long time to remaster everything. And you can likely forget about a fan-made 4K update. While AI Gigapixel does work, it’s both more intensive and has the unusual effect of creating very sharp edges while doing relatively little to sharpen everything else.

Not that the enthusiast is necessarily worried. He sees this as a way to goad CBS into producing its own AI-powered remaster, hopefully using customized algorithms and raw material that improve the quality beyond what you see here. This could theoretically give networks a way to improve the quality of many older TV shows [...]  read more

Morta Imane Fadil, modella e testimone nel caso Ruby. Si indaga per omicidio, aveva detto: «Sono stata avvelenata»

La Procura di Milano sta indagando sulla morte di Imane Fadil, la modella di origini marocchine di 34 anni testimone chiave dell’accusa nei processi sul caso Ruby, deceduta lo scorso 1° marzo all’Humanitas di Rozzano (Milano) dove era ricoverata da fine gennaio scorso. Lo ha riferito il procuratore di Milano Francesco Greco, spiegando anche che la giovane aveva detto ai suoi familiari e avvocati che temeva di essere stata avvelenata. Sul corpo è stata disposta l’autopsia. La Procura indaga per omicidio volontario.

Il malore a gennaio

Fadil, che è stata parte civile nel processo Ruby bis sulle serate a luci rosse a casa di Silvio Berlusconi e che di recente invece è stata estromessa da parte civile nel processo Ruby ter, da quanto riferito si è sentita mala a casa di un amico, da cui viveva, a gennaio e poi il 29 di quel mese è stata ricoverata all’Humanitas di Rozzano, prima in terapia intensiva e poi in rianimazione. La giovane, già prima del ricovero, stando a quanto [...]  read more

Nvidia may be about to tease a next-gen graphics card

Nvidia has been rolling out graphics cards non-stop, with a six total Turing RTX and GTX models now, and the company may be about to tease next-generation GPU technology.

Nvidia will reportedly debut its 7nm Ampere GPU architecture during the keynote at its GPU Technology Conference on March 18, according to the latest report from TweakTown.

Before you get excited (or angry) about Team Green introducing even more gaming parts, the new GPU architecture will supposedly succeed Volta as Nvidia’s engine for high-performance computing, digital learning and artificial intelligence.

Following the launch of the Radeon VII, AMD’s first 7nm graphics card, earlier this February, now would be the perfect time for Nvidia to answer in kind with its own 7nm architecture. There have also been rumors that suggest Nvidia has tapped Samsung to create 7nm transistors using its extreme ultraviolet lithography process.

If Ampere is real and it truly features a 7nm architecture, it should inform the design [...]  read more

A Ferocious Shrimp Inspires a Robot Claw That Shoots Plasma

The pistol shrimp, aka the snapping shrimp, is a peculiar contradiction. At just a few inches long, it wields one regular-looking claw and another massive one that snaps with such force, the resulting shockwave knocks its prey out cold. As the two bits of the claw come together, bubbles form and then rapidly collapse, shooting out a bullet of plasma that in turn produces a flash of light and temperatures of 8,000 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s right—an underwater creature that fits in the palm of your hand can, with a flick of its claw, weaponize a blast of insanely hot bubbles.

Now scientists are learning how to wield this formidable force themselves. Today in the journal Science Advances, researchers detail how they modeled a robotic claw after the pistol shrimp’s plasma gun to generate plasma of their own. That could find a range of underwater uses, once scientists have honed their version of one of evolution’s strangest inventions.

If all the pistol shrimp has is [...]  read more

Last day to save $100 on TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2019

Like all good things must, early-bird pricing for tickets to TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI comes to an end today. This is your last chance to save $100 on our day-long gathering of the greatest minds, makers and investors in the robotics and AI communities. Procrastination has a price. Buy your $249 ticket today or pay $349 tomorrow. That’s basic math right there.

TC Sessions: Robotics + AI takes place on April 18 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, and we’re stoked about the agenda of incredible speakers, panel discussions, demos and workshops we have planned. We think you’ll love it, too.

Previously on TechCrunch, we shared just a few of the heavy-hitters you’ll hear from, including Marc Raibert, Melonee Wise, Ken Goldberg, Anca Dragan Anthony Levandowski and Laura Major. But wait, there’s more!

We’re beyond thrilled to add Colin Angle, iRobot co-founder and CEO, to our list of industry headliners [...]  read more