Equity transcribed: Uber IPO, Stash’s raise and more YC movement

Welcome back to this week’s transcribed edition of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast that unpacks the numbers behind the headlines. We’re running an experiment for Extra Crunch members that puts the words of our wildly popular venture capital podcast, Equity, in your eyes instead of your ears.

This week, along with guest Anu Duggal, the founder of Female Founders Fund, the team discussed Uber’s impending IPO, Q1’s IPO pace, Stash’s raise and more changes at Y Combinator that saw Sam Altman take a seat as the accelerator’s chairman.

So if you don’t like podcasts but still want the goodness that is Equity, you can have a read of this week’s episode below.

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Connie Loizos:
Hello and welcome to Equity. I’m TechCrunch’s Silicon Valley editor Connie Loizos. I’m joined today by Crunchbase News’s Alex Wilhelm.

Alex Wilhelm:

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App unica per pagare multe, iscrivere il bambino al nido, chiedere certificati: a Milano parte il test di ‘Io’

La rivoluzione digitale partirà da Milano. E dai milanesi: saranno i primi in Italia a poter sperimentare la nuova app che, in futuro, permetterà di riunire in un’unica applicazione, appunto, tutti i servizi online oggi sparsi sui diversi siti degli enti pubblici a ogni livello. ‘Io’ si chiama il progetto nazionale. E, sin da questa fase di test sul campo (virtuale), permetterà all’avanguardia di smanettoni che vivono a queste latitudini e si candideranno per metterne alla prova il funzionamento, di pagare direttamente dal proprio smartphone una multa, la tassa rifiuti o la retta dell’asilo, di controllare i dati anagrafici o quante volte il proprio vecchio diesel è passato sotto le telecamere di Area B.
L’obiettivo, spiega Roberta Cocco, è sempre lo stesso: “Evitare code agli sportelli o lunghi spostamenti in città”. E’ per questo che l’assessora [...]  read more

Vectordash’s cloud gaming service brings crypto-miners a new revenue stream

PC gaming has grown to be a pretty wide niche of people with some far-flung similarities and differences, one thing they all share are souped-up rigs that rely on beefy GPUs. This is fine for those with dedicated machines but PC gaming isn’t too friendly to those trying to pull double-duty on their everyday machine.

Vectordash, launching out of the latest Y Combinator batch, wants to turn your Macbook Air or other underpowered rig into a formidable machine through their cloud gaming service.

The service is charging customers $28 per month to render their games on a cloud machine so that they can be run on non-gaming laptops. The idea of running Fortnite on any machine seems to be a somewhat central idea for the service, though you’ll just as easily be able to log-in to Steam and play through titles that you own.

Launching a cloud-gaming service seems like an expensive proposition, you need a bunch of server centers to host streamers and that’s a lot of upfront cost for an upstart, [...]  read more

Get ready to start scheduling your emails in Gmail

Ever wished you could schedule an email to send itself in ten minutes from now? Or ten days? The functionality could well be coming to Gmail on your smartphone, based on a breakdown of the code in the latest version of Gmail for Android.

9to5Google found references to scheduling features embedded in the code, specifically text relating to scheduled emails, and a range of options from two minutes to 50 years from now for getting messages queued up.

It looks as though you’re going to be able to cancel scheduled emails as and when necessary, at which point they’ll be converted into ordinary drafts. It also appears that the scheduling is handled via the cloud, so messages can be sent even if you’re offline or your phone battery is dead.

This isn’t actually the first sight of scheduling features in Gmail – such an option was spotted back in July 2018 – but it does now seem to be getting closer to launch.

Happy 15th, Gmail

Exactly when this hidden code might be unhidden is unclear, though [...]  read more

Here’s An Idea: Replace Trials with Virtual Reality Duels

Ben Bova is the author of over a hundred science fiction books, and also served as editor for the legendary magazines Analog and Omni. In his short story “Bloodless Victory,” which appears in his recent collection New Frontiers, he depicts a future in which dueling makes a comeback thanks to sophisticated virtual reality technology.

“Dueling is an old, old concept, and was at one time a way for gentlemen to settle their differences,” Bova says in Episode 352 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “And virtual reality allows you to have a duel without any danger, without any injuries—except perhaps emotional.”

Bova imagines that future duelists, unconstrained by practical limits, could choose to engage in any sort of contest they can imagine.

“You and your opponent have to get together and decide on a venue for the duel,” he says. “Do you want to do pistols at 20 paces? Or water-filled balloons at arm’s length? Then once you’ve agreed on a venue for the duel, [...]  read more