F1, GP Australia 2019: vince Bottas. Quarto Vettel

Valtteri Bottas vince il Gran Premio d'Australia davanti a Lewis Hamilton e Max Verstappen. Quarto Sebastian Vettel, quinto Charles Leclerc. Condividi su Facebook; Condividi su Twitter; Invia ad un amico. 3 commenti. Diletta Colombo. di Diletta Colombo.
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Plusnet’s reward card offer makes it one of the best cheap broadband deals available

Our favourite cheap broadband deals this week:

TalkTalk Fast Broadband | 12 month contract | 11Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | FREE upfront | £17 per month
There’s a lot to love with this offer from TalkTalk. Whether that’s the lack of upfront costs or the affordable monthly costs. Average speeds of 11Mb means you won’t have to face speeds lower than average and TalkTalk has no data caps, meaning you can stream and search to your hearts content.

Plusnet unlimited broadband | 12 months | 10Mb average speed | calls to Plusnet customers | £18.99 per month | FREE upfront | £50 Reward Card
Thanks to a £50 pre-paid Mastercard this works out as one of the cheapest broadband deals out there. The price effectively works out around £15 a month after the Mastercard. That gets you average speeds of 10Mb and calls to other Plusnet customers. 

Deal ends on March 19 

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Nala has built a hassle-free, offline mobile money payment platform for Africa

Benjamin Fernandes, the Tanzanian co-founder chief executive of Nala, spent hundreds of hours talking to local Tanzanians about their frustrations with mobile money payment services before he launched his new payment platform.

While at least a hundred million Africans hold mobile money accounts, the process of transacting over the services is difficult, so Tala made an application that acts as an interface on top of the unstructured supplementary service data layer to make money transfers and payments much easier.

Mobile payment services have swept across the African continent in the 12 years since the wireless carrier Safaricom launched M-Pesa in 2007. As of 2017, roughly half of the 282 mobile money services operating worldwide were in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to a McKinsey report. Nala’s founder estimates that there around 420 million Africans holding mobile money accounts, making the continent the leader in mobile money adoption by a wide margin. 

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Caso Scala, Fontana contro Pereira per l’acconto preso dai Sauditi: “E’ da licenziamento”

Il comportamento del sovrintendente della Scala Alexander Pereira, che avrebbe accettato fondi sauditi (3 milioni, oltre a 100mila euro per l’Accademia) prima che il cda si riunisse “provocherebbe il suo licenziamento, in qualunque cda, a qualsiasi latitudine”: parole nette quelle del presidente della Lombardia Attilio Fontana nei confronti del sovrintendente, per la vicenda sempre più intricata del finanziamento offerto alla Scala dall’Arabia Saudita (15 milioni in cinque anni) che, però, non piace a diversi componenti del board del Piermarini. Sulla questione interviene anche il ministro dei Beni culturali Alberto Bonisoli: sulla vicenda dei fondi sauditi alla Scala, dice, “è in atto una verifica di alcuni aspetti: domani se ne parlerà in cda: aspettiamo di sapere cosa ci racconterà il consiglio di amministrazione”.

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AI Algorithms Are Now Shockingly Good at Doing Science

No human, or team of humans, could possibly keep up with the avalanche of information produced by many of today’s physics and astronomy experiments. Some of them record terabytes of data every day—and the torrent is only increasing. The Square Kilometer Array, a radio telescope slated to switch on in the mid-2020s, will generate about as much data traffic each year as the entire internet.

Quanta Magazine

author photo
Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine, an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is to enhance public understanding of science by covering research developments and trends in mathematics and the physical and life sciences.

The deluge has many scientists turning to artificial intelligence for help. With minimal human input, AI systems such as artificial neural networks—computer-simulated networks of neurons that mimic the function of brains—can plow through mountains of data, highlighting anomalies and detecting patterns that humans could never have spotted.

Of course, the use of computers to aid in scientific research goes back about 75 years, and the method of manually poring over data in search of meaningful patterns originated millennia earlier. But some scientists are arguing that the latest [...]  read more

Doorport wants to make your apartment building’s front door smarter

If you live in a big city, you’ve probably had your fair share of battles with apartment intercom systems. Those electronic gatekeepers with their tiny screens, sticky buttons, and seemingly endless lists of names to tap through in search of a friend who can buzz you in.

Doorport wants to make those existing systems a bit smarter. They’ve built a device that can be wired into existing buzzer systems, allowing you to use your smartphone to unlock your building’s door for yourself and your guests with a quick tap. Once installed, the existing intercom system works just as it did before — just now with a bit more smarts.

The company’s current prototype hardware is about the size of a deck of cards, and is meant to be tucked into the empty space within an already in-place intercom system. The company’s founders tell me it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to install. You clamp the device onto the inside of the intercom box with a magnet, run two wires for power, and two wires to let [...]  read more