The People Trying to Make Internet Recommendations Less Toxic

The internet is an ocean of algorithms trying to tell you what to do. YouTube and Netflix proffer videos they calculate you’ll watch. Facebook and Twitter filter and reorganize posts from your connections, avowedly in your interest—but also in their own. New York entrepreneur Brian Whitman helped create such a system. He sold a music …

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Intel and Cray are building a $500 million ‘exascale’ supercomputer for Argonne National Lab

In a way, I have the equivalent of a supercomputer in my pocket. But in another, more important way, that pocket computer is a joke compared with real supercomputers — and Intel and Cray are putting together one of the biggest ever with a half-billion-dollar contract from the Department of Energy. It’s going to do exaflops!

The “Aurora” program aims to put together an “exascale” computing system for Argonne National Laboratory by 2021. The “exa” is prefix indicating bigness, in this case 1 quintillion floating point operations, or FLOPs. They’re kind of the horsepower rating of supercomputers.

For comparison, your average modern CPU does maybe a hundred or more gigaflops. A thousand gigaflops makes a teraflop, a thousand teraflops makes a petaflop, and a thousand petaflops makes an exaflop. So despite major advances in computing efficiency going into making super powerful smartphones and desktops, we’re talking several orders of magnitude difference. (Let’s [...]  read more

Best iPads (2019): Which New iPad Should You Actually Buy?

Just don’t. I know money is tight, but your sanity is important, too. Yes, there’s a chance an older iPad could still perform decently, but unless someone is giving you one for free, try to hunt for a newer model. Many of the older iPads no longer receive software updates, and they’ll seem sooooo slow compared to your phone and your computer. The Mini 1 and iPad 1-2 also have very low-res screens. Forget buying an iPad Air 1—those are too long in the tooth. If you’re buying something for a child to use, try Amazon’s Fire tablets instead, which are cheaper than any new iPad and still have tons of kid-friendly features and parental controls.
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Best Nvidia graphics cards 2019: finding the best GPU for you

Nvidia’s graphics cards have long been pack-leaders when it comes to performance, often making them the best graphics cards around. Where AMD may offer a great value, Nvidia’s flagship cards like the RTX 2080 Ti push performance to the limit. So, when you’re looking for a card to spend your money on, it’s worth seeing what the best Nvidia card you can get is. 

Whether you want to build the most powerful gaming rig possible, are looking to put together a compact Mini ITX build, or just want to get the most framer per second for your dollar, there’s an Nvidia graphics card to fit the bill. We’ve got our rankings for the best Nvidia graphics cards in a variety of categories, so you can find the right GPU for your build.

Image Credit: Techradar

Image Credit: Techradar

Best Nvidia graphics card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060

Great performance with great value

Stream Processors: 1,920 | Core Clock: 1,365MHz (1,680MHz boost) | Memory: 6GB GDDR6 | Memory Speed: 14Gbps | Power Connectors: 1 x 8-pin | Outputs: 2 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x USB-C, 1 x DVI

Most affordable ray tracing Keeps cool RTX is pricier than GTX

Nvidia’s [...]  read more

Travolge con l’auto una mamma e i suoi quattro bambini poi si dà alla fuga

Un’intera famiglia, con quattro bambini piccoli, è stata investita sulle strisce pedonali da un’auto in via Lario a Buccinasco, in provincia di Milano. Il guidatore dell’auto, che procedeva a forte velocità, si è dato alla fuga ma è stato raggiunto e fermato dai carabinieri della compagnia di Corsico e Buccinasco. Si tratta di un italiano di circa trent’anni. Sono in corso le analisi per capire se fosse ubriaco.

Oltre alla madre, 29enne residente in paese, sono stati trasportati in codice rosso in ospedale i quattro figli di uno, 5, 6 e 7 anni, che aveva da poco prelevato a scuola. Per fortuna le loro condizioni non sarebbero gravi. Sono stati trasportati con tre ambulanze e un elicottero, atterrato nel vicino parco della Resistenza. Due bambini sono ora ricoverti a Niguarda, una al San Carlo e uno, colpito più seriamente, al Papa Giovanni di Bergamo. Anche le sue condizioni, per fortuna, non sarebbero preoccupanti: avrebbe riportato contusioni all’addome [...]  read more

Atlassian acquires AgileCraft for $166M

Atlassian today announced that it has acquired AgileCraft, a service that aims to give enterprises plan their strategic projects and workstreams. The service provides business leaders with additional insights into the current status of technical projects and gives them insights into the bottlenecks, risks and dependencies of these projects. Indeed, the focus of AgileCraft is less on technical teams than on the business teams that support them and help them manage the digital transformation of their businesses.

“Many leaders are still making mission-critical decisions using their instincts and best guesses instead of data,” said Scott Farquhar, Atlassian’s co-founder and co-CEO, in today’s announcement. “As Atlassian tools spread through organizations, technology leaders need better visibility into work performed by their teams. With AgileCraft joining Atlassian, we believe we’re the best company to help executives align the work across their organization – providing an all-encompassing [...]  read more

Apple Updates Old iPad Models With New Chips, Pencil Support

They also both now support the Pencil, Apple's $99 stylus. … The new iPads add two more models to Apple's entire iPad lineup, which now totals … in an attempt to compete more seriously with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. … How Google influences the conversation in Washington; Looking for the …
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