The Internet Made Dumbledore Gay

Just imagine the fanfiction now. It’s the kind of thing people write on social media after a tense scene between two heavily “shipped” characters, or when fan-favorite actors get cozy off set. It’s also what Potterverse creator J.K. Rowling said to a shocked Carnegie Hall in 2007, moments after she revealed that she’d “always thought of” Albus Dumbledore, high wizard of Hogwarts, as gay. Slashfic indeed followed.

Emma Grey Ellis covers memes, trolls, and other elements of Internet culture for WIRED.

That day, Rowling’s announcement was mostly met with applause. These days, Rowling’s social-justice-flavored extratextual canonical embellishments—not only about Dumbledore’s sexuality, which she elaborated on over the weekend, but also about  [...]  read more

The 9 biggest questions about Google’s Stadia game streaming service

Google’s Stadia is an impressive piece of engineering to be sure: Delivering high definition, high framerate, low latency video to devices like tablets and phones is an accomplishment in itself. But the game streaming services faces serious challenges if it wants to compete with the likes of Xbox and PlayStation, or even plain old PCs and smartphones.

Here are our nine biggest questions about what the service will be and how it’ll work.

1. What’s the game selection like?

We saw Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (a lot) and Doom: Eternal, and a few other things running on Stadia, but otherwise Google’s presentation was pretty light on details as far as what games exactly we can expect to see on there.

It’s not an easy question to answer, since this isn’t just a question of “all PC games,” or “all games from these 6 publishers.” Stadia requires a game be ported, or partly recoded to fit its new environment — in this case a Linux-powered PC. That’s not unusual, but it isn’t trivial either.

Porting is just [...]  read more

Allarme clima: mai così caldo a Milano, sempre meno acqua negli invasi

Una temperatura media di 6,6 gradi, superiore di oltre due gradi a quella tipica del periodo, e un alto livello di siccità dovuto alla scarsità delle piogge: è il bilancio emerso dai valori registrati a Milano nell’inverno meteorologico, stagione che per i meteorologi va dal 1° dicembre al 28 febbraio. In questi tre mesi, infatti, sono stati registrati 44,7 millimetri di pioggia, decisamente meno dei 176,6 corrispondenti alla media del trentennio di riferimento.

Secondo i dati rilevati dalla centralina di Milano centro, una delle 8 gestite dalla Fondazione osservatorio meteorologico Milano Duomo, l’inverno 2018-2019 si inserisce in una tendenza tipica degli ultimi anni: ad eccezione di quello del 2013, dal 2012 a oggi tutti gli inverni sono stati più caldi della norma. Il dato più significativo è quello di febbraio con 9,1 gradi di media, superiore di ben 3,4 gradi a quello di riferimento. Per quanto riguarda le precipitazioni, tutti e tre i mesi sono stati al di sotto [...]  read more

Mirai botnet returns to target IoT devices

A new variant of the Mirai malware targeting IoT devices has been discovered in the wild by security researchers from Palo Alto Networks.

The researchers first discovered this new strain earlier this year and now it is being used in a new IoT botnet targeting smart signage TVs and wireless presentation systems.

The authors of the botnet have spent a great deal of time upgrading older versions of the Mirai malware with new exploits and according to Palo Alto Networks, this new Mirai botnet uses 27 exploits with 11 that are completely new to Mirai altogether.

Mirai’s built-in list of default credentials has also been expanded by the botnet operator to allow the malware to more easily gain access to devices that use default passwords. In total, four new username and password combinations have been added according to a new report from Palo Alto Network’s Unit 42.

IoT devices

This new Mirai botnet is intended to infect IoT devices with exposed Telnet ports through the use of default credentials [...]  read more