The Youth Climate Strike as Seen by Teen Photographers

On the steps of the Georgia State Capitol building in Atlanta, students chanted in unison. The vibe at the Atlanta Youth Climate Strike was serious, but hopeful, says 17-year-old photographer Esme Bella Rice. Students leave Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta to join the climate strike. “The age diversity was really cool,” says Rice. …

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Milano, autista dà fuoco a scuolabus: gli studenti riabbracciano i genitori

Milano, autista dà fuoco a scuolabus: gli studenti riabbracciano i genitori – 1 di 1 – Milano –

An Android Vulnerability Went Unfixed For Over Five Years

With more than 2 billion users, Android has a staggering number of devices to protect. But a “high-severity” bug that went undetected for more than five years—that attackers could exploit to spy on a user and gain access to their accounts—serves as a reminder that Android’s impressive open source reach also creates challenges for defending a decentralized ecosystem.

Discovered by Sergey Toshin, a mobile security researcher at the threat detection firm Positive Technologies, the bug originated in Chromium, the open-source project that underlies Chrome and many other browsers. As a result, an attacker could target not only mobile Chrome, but other popular mobile browsers built on Chromium. Even more specifically, Chromium powers an Android has a feature called WebView, which works behind [...]  read more

Morphin instantly Deepfakes your face into GIFs

Want to star in your favorite memes and movie scenes? Upload a selfie to Morphin, choose your favorite GIF, and your face is grafted in to create a personalized copy you can share anywhere. Become Tony Stark as he suits up like Iron Man. Drop the mic like Obama, dance like Drake, or slap your mug on Fortnite characters.

Now after three years in a stealth developing image mapping technology, Morphin is ready to launch its put-you-in-a-GIF maker. While it might look like just a toy, investors see real business potential. Morphin raised $1 million last summer from Betaworks, the incubator that spawned Giphy, plus Founders Fund, Precursor, Shrug Capital, and’s accelerator.

Elon Musk as Iron Man

“We believe in the future you’ll be able to be the main character in your own film. Imagine a super hero movie where you’re a the main protagonist?” co-founder Loic Ledoux asks. “That sounded like science fiction a few years ago and now with AI and computer vision we definitely [...]  read more

Non pagare le tasse?

Scoprendo che per il 29,3% degli intervistati non pagare le tasse è un comportamento «tollerabile», così come farsi raccomandare per avere un …
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Best helpdesk software of 2019

Best helpdesk software

Helpdesk software has become an important part of modern business platforms, not least for integrating with CRM solutions to ensure good productivity and efficiency within a business. This is especially as the larger the business and the larger the customer/client base, the more important it is to manage them effectively.

Automation remains the key for business efficiency, especially for dealing with high volume communications, and helpdesk software aims to help manage the workload. Working with other product platforms, this means that helpdesk software isn’t simply a way to receive and response to messages from customers, but can become part of a larger integrated management approach that connects support with sales to better track marketing effectiveness.

However, finding the right helpdesk software for you can become a challenge when there are now so many different options available. Ultimately, your own business will have its own criteria, but no doubt issues such as features, [...]  read more

Amazon Pay inks Worldpay integration as it branches out in the wider world of e-commerce

Amazon rules the roost when it comes to e-commerce marketplaces in countries like the US, but today it’s announcing a deal that it hopes will be a start its plan to have that same kind of ubiquity outside of its walled garden. The company has inked a deal with Worldpay for the latter to become …

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Milano, dirotta autobus e appicca le fiamme: terrore per 51 studenti. «Basta morti in mare. Farò strage a Linate»|Chi è l’autista: il ritratto

«Oggi da qui non esce vivo nessuno». Voleva morire e uccidere i ragazzini nell’autobus in fiamme lanciato verso l’aeroporto di Linate. Poteva essere una strage, mercoledì mattina, sulla strada provinciale Paullese (zona di San Donato Milanese) e a poca distanza dal city airport dove avrebbe detto «di voler fare una strage». A bordo una scolaresca: 51 ragazzini della scuola media Vailati di Crema. Il conducente, Ousseynou Sy, senegalese ma con cittadinanza italiana, 47 anni, da 15 in servizio per le Autoguidovie di Crema, aveva caricato taniche di benzina sul mezzo: l’aveva dirottato e puntava sull’aeroporto. «Ora basta, vanno fermate le morti nel Mediterraneo», gridava minacciando la scolaresca. A dare l’allarme è stato un ragazzino. Da lì è partito [...]  read more