Imane Fadil, gli esperti dopo i primi test: «Nessuna traccia di radioattività negli organi»

Nessuna traccia di radioattività sulla salma di Imane Fadil, almeno per quanto riguarda gli esiti delle analisi svolte durante tutta la giornata di giovedì sui campioni prelevati con le biopsie di reni e fegato. La Procura di Milano conferma la notizia, anticipata dal Corriere. Le attrezzature a disposizione degli esperti hanno potuto effettuare le misurazioni …

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Best Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti: which version is best for your PC?

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is a graphics card we never expected to be real, but we’re so glad it is. If you’ve been waiting for Team Green to release a Turing-based GPU that was actually affordable, this is it.

The GTX 1660 Ti lacks the ray tracing and tensor cores that power Nvidia’s new RTX and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) features, but it’s such a great performer and it’s actually affordable, unlike its RTX companions. This is unsurprisingly, our pick for the best budget graphics card on the market right now – though the GTX 1660 gives it a run for its money. 

But, unlike Nvidia’s past graphics card launches, the company didn’t release its own Founders Edition of the GTX 1660 Ti. Without this base model to set the stage for what we could expect from third-party cards, you’ll find a wide variety of cards going for varying prices. The good news is that we went ahead and gathered up the best Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti models on the market, so you can spend [...]  read more

Imane: nessuna traccia di radioattività

Nessuna traccia di radioattività nel corpo di Imane Fadil, una delle testimoni dell’accusa contro Silvio Berlusconi e le sue cene eleganti di Arcore, morta il 1 marzo scorso. E’ questo l’esito dei primi accertamenti disposti dalla procura di Milano e condotti, all’Istituto di medicina legale di Milano, dall’equipe dell’anatomopatologa Cristina Cattaneo. Dopo ore e ore di analisi sui tessuti prelevati dal corpo della ex modella, cade l’ipotesi di decesso da avvelenamento da sostanze radioattive. Sarà ora l’autopsia, che verrà eseguita dopo le controanalisi all’Enea di Roma, a dover chiarire le cause della morte della donna. Restano ancora in piedi tre ipotesi: avvelenamento accidentale da metalli pesanti, omicidio per avvelenamento, malattia rara e fulminante. Non si esclude, infatti, una malattia autoimmune che i medici dell’Humanitas non sarebbero riusciti a diagnosticare, dopo un ricovero durato [...]  read more

To fund Y Combinator’s top startups, VCs scoop them before Demo Day

Hundreds gathered this week at San Francisco’s Pier 48 to see the more than 200 companies in Y Combinator’s Winter 2019 cohort present their two-minute pitches. The audience of venture capitalists, who collectively manage hundreds of billions of dollars, noted their favorites. The very best investors, however, had already had their pick of the litter.

What many don’t realize about the Demo Day tradition is that pitching isn’t a requirement; in fact, some YC graduates skip out on their stage opportunity altogether. Why? Because they’ve already raised capital or are in the final stages of closing a deal.

ZeroDown, Overview.AI and Catch are among the startups in YC’s W19 batch that forwent Demo Day this week, having already pocketed venture capital. ZeroDown, a financing solution for real estate purchases in the Bay Area, raised a round upwards of $10 million at a [...]  read more

Markiplier Is Not Done With YouTube

On YouTube, the mononymous Markiplier is a screaming, swearing, videogame-playing sensation. His loud, zany presence has earned him 23 million followers and, by Forbes’ estimate, over $17 million in the last year. Offline and in our studio, though, Mark Edward Fischbach is deadpan, soft-spoken, and even a little serious.

Fischbach has been on YouTube since 2012, an eternity in social media celebrity years. He’s had his channel banned by a rogue algorithm. He’s watched his silly sketches become memes. He’s dealt with YouTube creators’ most pressing problem—burnout. “I’d been making two videos a day, everyday, without vacation,” Fischbach tells us. “It was getting to me that I was making videos I wasn’t really proud of, that I wasn’t using them to really learn anything.” Now, he’s ready for that rare luxury in influencerland: time off.

Still, he assures us, he’s far from done with the platform. “It may not be the best place to make a living, especially right away,” Fischbach says. “But it is a great place to get your thoughts and ideas out there.” For more about making it on YouTube—along with some fun facts about twerking and trypophobia—watch our WIRED Autocomplete video above.

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The human voice and AI – an unlikely duet

The world of beatboxing is full of artists using their voices in ways speech scientists have never seen before – finding new techniques for playing the instrument they were born with. But does the human voice have more to offer, and can we use technology to push it further?

That’s the subject of We Speak Music – a series of six short documentaries created by Nokia Bell Labs, film production company Lonelyleap, and award-winning beatboxer Harry Yeff, better known as Reeps One.

It turns out understanding what our voices are capable of is very important for lots of different discussions
Reeps One

The first three episodes are available to watch now on YouTube channel Swiss Beatbox and Nokia Bell Labs’ website, with the next three landing on March 23, March 30, and April 4 respectively.

Throughout the series, Reeps One travels the world, learning about the potential of the human voice for creating sounds and connecting people, and finally using machine learning to create an AI voice [...]  read more