Best drawing and painting software of 2019

Best drawing and painting software For thousands of years, art has remained an important part of human culture and expression. But, of course, it has undergone a great deal of transformation as new technologies have emerged. If you’re a professional artist or designer working in today’s interconnected world, you don’t necessarily need access to a …

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Sony’s State of Play livestream will show us the future of the PS4

Sony may not be coming to E3 2019 this year, but that won’t stop the proprietor of PlayStation Nation from revealing what comes next for the PS4 and PSVR

To that end, on March 25, Sony will be holding an online event called State of Play that will debut on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook worldwide, which will act as a kind of stand in for a traditional press event.

While Sony hasn’t said which games it plans to show off, the company’s Director of Social Media Sid Shuman said that we can expect “new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage” in a post on the PlayStation Blog

If we had to guess, we’d say it’s likely that we’ll hear more about Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding, all of which are hotly-anticipated titles but none of which currently have known release dates.

What’s more telling about the announcement, however, is the language Shuman uses in the post: “Today, we’re introducing a new video [...]  read more

Bus incendiato, Di Maio: “Ius soli non in agenda”. Salvini: “Lasciamolo alla sinistra”. La mamma di Adam: “Cittadinanza anche a mio figlio”

È d’accordo sul dare la cittadinanza italiana a Rami, il ragazzo egiziano nato a Milano che ha salvato i compagni del bus dirottato a San Donato milanese. Ma lo ius soli, la legge sulla cittadinanza ai figli di stranieri nati in Italia rimasta al palo nella scorsa legislatura, “non è nel contratto né nell’agenda di governo”. A ribadirlo è il vicepremier Luigi Di Maio, ospite di Agorà su RaiTre che aggiunge: “Questi temi vanno affrontati a livello di cittadinanza europea”. Diritti Umani
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #repubblicait

Drone analytics startup Aria Insights suddenly shutters

Earlier this year, Helen Greiner-founded drone startup Cyphy Works announced a major change. The company was rebooting and renaming itself Aria Insights, a move that arrived with a new-founded, AI/data-driven focus. Now, just over two months later, the company is no more.

Reports that Aria had shuttered began surfacing earlier this week. Moments ago, the company confirmed the move in a tersely-worded statement offered to TechCrunch.

Aria Insights has ceased operations effective March 21, 2019.” That’s the sum total of the insight provided by Lance VandenBrook, the former CyPhy CEO who resumed that role as the company transitioned back in January. The move appears to be an abrupt one, with little to no information offered to external parties. It brings to mind last year’s sudden closure of Rethink Robotics, another company launched by a former iRobot cofounder.

Full disclosure, we announced last month that the company’s CTO would be appearing on-stage at our Robotics event next [...]  read more