Where did social media go wrong?

For most of my life, the Internet, particularly its social media — BBSes, Usenet, LiveJournal, blogosphere, even MySpace, early Twitter and Facebook — consistently made people happier. But roughly 5 years ago it began to consistently make people more miserable. What changed?

I posted that question to Twitter a week ago, and the most notable response was the response that did not exist: not a single person disputed the premise of the question. Yes, Twitter responses are obviously selection bias incarnate — but looking at the opprobrium aimed at social media from all sides today, I’d think that if anything it understates the current collective wisdom. Which of course can often be disjoint from factual reality … but still important. So, again: what changed?

Some argued that new, bad users flooded the Internet then, a kind of ultimate Eternal September effect. I’m skeptical. Even five years ago Facebook was already ubiquitous in the West, and we were already constantly checking [...]  read more

What to Expect From Monday’s Big Apple Event

If Apple has “one more thing” to add at the end of its event Monday, it might just be something you’ll read or watch in the near future—not the hardware you’ll watch it on. The March 25 event will be focused on media, with an assemblage of top magazine publishers and entertainment executives gathered to …

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Tesla Sues Zoox and More Car News This Week

Thinking about the fantastic pie-in-the-sky future is always a fun exercise. I, too, want a self-driving car. But some weeks, it’s clear everyone needs to come down to earth. This was one of them.

Tesla sued two other electric vehicle companies focusing on self-driving for trade secret theft, proving that building this tech will be a grind. Peloton Technology let me hang out on its not-at-all-driverless truck, and explained how its approach could save lives and beat the robo-focused competition to market. What’s more, we reflected on the one-year anniversary of the fatal Uber self-driving crash, which forced the industry to become more introspective and realistic about the limitations of its tech.

OK, but that said: Plenty of others are making fancy transpo tech happen today. One of our reporters flew a helicopter with zero experience; another took to a mountain [...]  read more

La Stramilano dei record: il runner più grande ha 84 anni, la più giovane 6 mesi. Vincono i keniani

Sessantamila alla partenza, ognuno con il suo traguardo da raggiungere: battere tutti, battere il proprio tempo personale, battere la vita sedentaria che ti intrappola nei giorni feriali. Perché la Stramilano da sempre dispensa motivazioni a chi ama lo sport e a chi ama Milano. Sarà per questo che la manifestazione, in perfetto equilibrio tra competizione sportiva e festa cittadina, quest’anno per la 48esima edizione ha raggiunto un nuovo record di adesioni. Il più anziano è Giovanni, 84 anni, che non ha fatto mistero del suo obiettivo personale: vincere la 10 chilometri. La più giovane si chiama Anita, sei mesi appena, portata in carrozzina da mamma e papà.
Stramilano, i volti dei sessantamila runner: il sindaco Sala al via
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@afpfr: Le président chinois Xi Jinping poursuit sa mini-tournée européenne en France, après une étape à Monaco : il doit dîner ce soir avec Emmanuel Macron, pour soutenir son programme économique des “Nouvelles routes de la soie” https://t.co/oquOig4gC1 #AFP https://t.co/sc28DbC6De

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Best logo designer 2019: top picks for branding your company

Having an iconic and recognisable logo and branding is essential for any business, especially one that’s looking to stand out from the crowd, which is why investing in the best logo designer software is a wise move.

To make things as easy as possible, we’ve rounded up the best logo designer software, along with logo generators, makers and creators, that offer easy-to-use tools to produce effective and professional-looking logos for your business.

When picking the best logo designer software for your needs, you’ll want to make sure you get software that has an easy-to-use interface, but still offers plenty of features to allow you to create good looking logos. It should be able to allow anyone to create a logo no matter if they are good at art. There should be a good balance of ready-made assets, as well as offering users the change to create their own artwork from scratch.

Above all, they should allow you to produce professional results. A badly-made logo that looks cheap [...]  read more