Consumer data loss sees major rise

In preparation for this year’s World Backup Day, Acronis has released new research into the data protection habits of users around the world revealing that 65.1 percent of consumers (up from 29.4% last year) have lost data as a result of an accidental deletion, hardware failure or software problem. The firm’s 2019 World Backup Day …

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Now is the time to grab a top Samsung Galaxy S9 deal

There has never been a better time to grab a top-end flagship smartphone for an affordable price. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has launched which means the S9 has been demoted to last-year’s-model status. 

This is a very good thing for you. It means you can grab a phone with a stunning screen, superb camera and top speeds all for a price that really doesn’t seem like it should be that cheap.

This is largely thanks to a host of new deals, specifically from Tesco Mobile. You can now save a whopping £72 on the Samsung Galaxy S9, the larger Galaxy S9 Plus and the mighty stylus toting Galaxy Note 9. 

The deals go on but there is a catch, you need to be fast as this particular one ends on March 31. After that time there’s no guarantee the prices will be as good. So why should you jump on this now?

Image credit: Samsung

Image credit: Samsung

The phones available are brilliantly broad

There should be an option for everyone in this sale. For the media fan who needs a big display there’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with its mighty screen and latest [...]  read more

How to make sure that your product is accessible to all users

Lawsuits are coming for sites and apps that don’t follow web standards

Beth Franssen Beth Franssen is an expert in digital accessibility, WCAG and Section 508 compliance. She helps fintech, retail and payment companies implement digital accessibility strategies for Nexient, a leading provider of 100% US-based Agile software product development.

Every founder wants an eye-catching website or app, but it’s easy to overlook a basic fact: not all your potential visitors will experience your content with their eyes. If you haven’t considered whether a user with differing visual, motor or hearing abilities can easily navigate your software, it’s time to get serious about digital accessibility.

As tempting as it might be to prioritize a stunning visual and mobile experience over an accessible design, accessibility is a legal requirement—not an option—for many businesses.

Just ask high-profile founder Beyoncé Knowles. In January, Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment was hit with a class-action lawsuit that includes “all legally blind individuals in the United States who have attempted to access” The lawsuit claims that the site’s lack of visual alternatives make the site inaccessible to blind users like the plaintiff and therefore illegal.

Failing to accommodate people with disabilities not only limits your [...]  read more

13 Best Tablets for Every Budget (2019): iPad, Android, Amazon

If you’re looking for more of a get-work-done-now tablet, the Surface Pro 6 is worth a look. It’s one of Microsoft’s premium devices and is basically a big 12-inch tablet that runs a full version of Windows 10, has a really nice adjustable kickstand, and magnetically connects to the best tablet keyboard on the market ($130, sold separately). Sometimes, you’ll wish it was more comfortable to use in your lap, and Windows 10 still isn’t the best for touch, but it’s more powerful than a lot of laptops, and beats any iPad at work tasks.
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Milano, allarme bomba in via Torino: strada chiusa e traffico in tilt

La segnalazione è partita da un passante. Panico in via Torino, strada chiusa per un’ora all’incrocio con via Santa Maria Valle, a due passi dal Duomo, dove poco prima delle 8.30 di mercoledì è scattato un allarme bomba, che poi si rivelato falso, per degli «oggetti cilindrici» che somigliavano a dei «candelotti di esplosivo» ritrovati in un cestino della spazzatura davanti a un negozio di dolciumi .

«Erano una dozzina», ha raccontato. I carabinieri e il reparto artificieri si sono precipitati sul luogo insieme alla polizia locale che ha provveduto a mettere in sicurezza l’area. Presenti anche i vigili del fuoco e un’ambulanza, ma soltanto per precauzione.

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Allarme bomba in via Torino: «Candelotti sospetti» in un cestino dei rifiuti

L’intervento degli artificieri è durato diversi minuti, i «candelotti» erano vuoti. La strada è rimasta chiusa per consentire le operazioni e per permettere agli esperti di agire in sicurezza sull’eventuale disinnesco. Bloccato anche il passaggio dei tram lungo la via.

27 marzo 2019 | 10:18


social experiment [...]  read more