Facebook’s handling of Alex Jones is a microcosm of its content policy problem

A revealing cluster of emails leaked to Business Insider offers a glimpse at how Facebook decides what content is objectionable in high profile cases. In this instance, a group of executives at Facebook went hands on in determining if an Alex Jones Instagram post violated the platform’s terms of service or not.

As Business Insider reports, 20 Facebook and Instagram executives hashed it out over the Jones post, which depicted a mural known as “False Profits” by the artist Mear One. Facebook began debating the post after it was flagged by Business Insider for kicking up anti semitic comments on Wednesday.

The company removed 23 of 500 comments on the post that it interpreted to be in clear violation of Facebook policy. Later in the conversation, some of the UK-based Instagram and Facebook executives on the email provided more context for their US-based peers.

Last year, a controversy over the same painting erupted when British politician Jeremy [...]  read more

The Huawei Threat Isn’t Backdoors. It’s Bugs

A report on Thursday from a British government oversight group found that Chinese telecom-equipment maker Huawei has basic, but deeply problematic flaws in its product code that create security risks. The shortcomings, many of which Huawei had previously promised to improve, stem from issues with its software development processes, according to the report. The findings come amid a concerted Trump administration effort to ban Huawei products around the world (particularly in 5G wireless networks), because of concerns that Huawei devices are controlled by the Chinese government or that Huawei would take orders from Beijing to undermine its security protections if asked.

Though the geopolitical discourse has gotten heated, the report concluded that the flaws in Huawei’s code are related to “basic engineering competence and cyber security hygiene” and could be exploited by anyone. The [...]  read more

Save $300 on an unlocked Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung – but only for six hours

Well this is a pleasant surprise! From absolutely nowhere, Samsung has dropped a flash sale to knock $300 off the price of a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – one of the world’s very best smartphones.

One of the few things that may have previously put you off from buying the magnificent 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, meaty 8GB RAM, epic battery life and included S Pen is the rather jaw-dropping price – unlocked Samsung Note 9 prices started at $999 on launch last year.

So imagine the spring in our step when we heard about this flash sale. A massive $300 to save on either of the 128GB or 512GB storage models, bringing them down a much more attractive $699 and $949 respectively. And your choice of the Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Cloud Silver and Lavender Purple colour designs.

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