Sci-Fi Writers Are Imagining a Path Back to Normality

In recent months the science fiction world has grown increasingly political, with dozens of writers contributing stories to anthologies such as Resist: Tales from a Future Worth Fighting Against and If This Goes On. Another prominent example is A People’s Future of the United States, edited by Victor LaValle and John Joseph Adams. “I wanted …

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Orioles vs Yankees MLB live stream 2019: how to watch today’s baseball from anywhere

Spring training is over – regular season MLB baseball is finally back! And in New York today sees the Yankees take on the franchise from nearby Baltimore. With a huge Opening Day win for the Yankees, the Orioles will be looking to strike back quickly on the first Saturday of the 2019 regular season. Find out who will win with an Orioles vs Yankees live stream today.

Orioles vs Yankees MLB 2019 – when and where?
The Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees do battle in a three-match series to kick off the new season, starting March 28. The action of game two starts at 1.10pm local time – so that’s just after 10am PT – on Saturday, March 30.

The first games of the 2019 campaign take place at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York City.

It’s now been 10 years since the Yankees last won a World Series and their players and fans alike will be desperate to go back to the top of the MLB tree. Aaron Judge will be the man with so many hopes on his shoulders, and he didn’t disappoint on the Opening Day with three runs from two hits in a convincing win.

Orioles fans may feel like they have a long season ahead after their only 2018 All-Star shortstop Manny Machado left for the San Diego Padres. And the 7-2 defeat in game one of the Yankee Stadium series [...]  read more

A look at new power banks from OmniCharge and Fuse Chicken

When you’ve been doing this job long enough, you start to develop strange interests (though some might compellingly argue that strange interests are a prerequisite). Lately for me it’s been power banks. Quite possibly the least sexy product in all of consumer electronics outside of the ever-ubiquitous dongle.

I don’t know what to tell you. Blame the fact that I’m traveling every other week for this job. There are also all of the liveblogs from years’ past that got cut off in the last few minutes as my poor ancient MacBook put itself to sleep during those last precious battery percentages. Low batteries give me anxiety. I’m the guy who’s the first to notice when your phone’s screenshot is below 10 percent.

So the power bank has become constant accessory in my life, both home and on the road. Until last year, I used to carry a massive one that was just north of 20,000mAh. The peace of mind to back pain ration seemed sensible enough, but I learned the hard way that, not only [...]  read more

Apple’s lead iPhone chip designer leaves the company

As CNET noted, A7 was the first 64-bit processor for mobile devices. Its debut on the iPhone 5S forced Qualcomm to release a 64-bit mobile processor of its own — one that had big issues and wasn’t ready for primetime. In addition to leading the processor design process, William was also in charge of the layout on Apple’s systems-on-a-chip (SOCs) in recent years. In other words, he was the one who decided the placements of the SOCs’ components, such as the CPU, GPU and memory.

It’s unclear why Williams left Apple, and he’s also yet to update his LinkedIn page. He probably still had a hand in the development of the next few devices Apple will roll out, though, maybe even the first Macs powered by in-house processors — that is, if reports that Cupertino is dropping Intel for its own laptop chips are true, of course.

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Gratosoglio, caccia alla «Eva Kant» del colpo in banca: presi i complici

Lo scorso 5 giugno una banda di tre rapinatori (due uomini e una donna) fece irruzione nella filiale Unicredit di via Corradino D’Ascanio, zona Gratosoglio, e dopo aver sequestrato per circa un’ora e mezza dipendenti e clienti riuscì a portar via 69mila euro. Nei giorni scorsi i carabinieri della compagnia Duomo hanno eseguito un’ordinanza di custodia cautelare nei confronti di Nicolò Ruggeri, di 39 anni, e Luigi Gaeta, 47, già detenuti rispettivamente nel carcere di Vigevano e a San Vittore per altre vicende. Ancora da individuare la donna.

I banditi avevano studiato il piano con attenzione, entrarono col volto nascosto, coprirono i tatuaggi con cerotti ed erano armati di taglierini. Uno di loro obbligò il direttore a chiudere la filiale e a inserire i codici di sblocco del bancomat e della cassaforte centrale. Intanto, gli altri due immobilizzarono i 5 dipendenti e i 3 clienti spostandoli in una stanza non visibile dall’esterno. Da [...]  read more