YouTube sets a goal of having half of trending videos coming from its own site

YouTube wants to have half of the featured videos in its trending tab come from streams originating on the company’s own site going forward, according to the latest quarterly letter from chief executive Susan Wojcicki.

The letter, directed to YouTube’s users, is meant to help ease concerns the site’s biggest stars have over copyright challenges, advertising policies and video monetization — along with their shrinking presence on the site’s trending feature.

It’s been a rough quarter for YouTube. The company had to deal with yet another child predator scandal, which prompted the company to completely shut down comment sections on most videos featuring minors. 

The Alphabet-owned video company was also forced to wrestle with its role in the spread of a global anti-vaccination campaign that has helped foster a resurgence in Measles cases around the world — creating a new epidemic in the U.S. of a disease that had been largely eradicated in the country.

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Apple’s earnings call: iPhone price cuts and services help stem declining sales

iPhone sales continue to sharply decline, according to Apple’s earnings statement for its second fiscal quarter, though its stock and services business are up today.

Apple’s all-important iPhone revenue was down another 17% for the quarter ending on March 30, amounting to $31.05 billion. A year ago we saw iPhone revenue at $37.56 billion.

You can chalk up people’s continued upgrade aversion to newer, more expensive iPhones. The iPhone XS Max is Apple’s most expensive phone ever, the ‘budget’ iPhone XR is still quite pricey, and the iPhone XS didn’t change very much from the iPhone X.

New iPhone 11 rumors point to a triple-lens camera upgrade and the capability to wirelessly charge other devices (handy for the new AirPods 2019), but Apple’s handset isn’t expected to get a groundbreaking smartphone redesign, unlike its competition.

How it’s stemming iPhone bloodletting

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Apple’s stock jumps 5 percent after beating expectations

Apple released earnings for its fiscal second quarter today, reporting revenue of $58 billion, a decline of 5 percent from the year-ago quarter, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $2.46, down 10 percent. International sales accounted for 61 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

The market apparently approves. Apple’s shares have jumped $10 apiece since the earnings were released, putting the company in spitting distance of the $1 trillion market cap it has been flirting with since last August.

The earnings are also in line with the guidance that Apple had provided during its last earnings call. In late January, per Apple’s guidance for the second quarter, it had estimated that its revenue would fall between $55 billion and $59 billion, its gross margins between 37 and 38 percent; its operating expenses between $8.5 billion and $8.6 billion; and that it would see other income of $300 million.

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SpaceX Satellites Will Fly Low to Prevent Space Junk

SpaceX has received Federal Communications Commission approval to halve the orbital altitude of more than 1,500 planned broadband satellites in order to lower the risk of space debris and improve latency.

SpaceX’s satellite project, named Starlink, aims to provide high-speed, low-latency broadband around the world. In a statement on the new FCC approval, SpaceX said that “Starlink production is well underway, and the first group of satellites have already arrived at the launch site for processing.”

Ars Technica

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SpaceX last year received FCC approval to launch 4,425 low-Earth-orbit satellites at several different altitudes between 1,110km to 1,325km. However, the FCC approval was contingent on SpaceX filing a more detailed debris mitigation plan.

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Defending the brown bears of Bristol Bay

Defending the brown bears of Bristol Bay

    <img width="660" height="495" alt="" src="" />Brown bears in Alaska&rsquo;s Bristol Bay region spend each year roaming the largely unspoiled land found between the coast and massive mountain-lined national parks and reserves. Standing up to a foot taller than the average human, and weighing as much as a grand piano, these <a href="../../../../species/brown-bear">bears</a> are some of the most iconic wildlife species found in America&rsquo;s great outdoors. In other parts of North America they&rsquo;re called grizzly bears.

Brown bears are not listed as an endangered species—in fact, some populations are doing quite well—but in Southwest Alaska, they face an impending threat from the proposed development of an open-pit gold and copper mine.

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Here’s how Facebook is changing completely in 2019

After a brutal 2018, Mark Zuckerberg has big plans for the Facebook platform in 2019. Facebook is being redesigned with a focus on community and privacy.

Zuckerberg made the announcements during Facebook’s F8 event that was held today near the company’s home turf in San Jose, California, where he addressed the past year of issues with privacy, security and decreasing trust in the platform.

The new version of Facebook, codenamed ‘FB5’, will be the biggest change the social network has experienced in years: nearly every single aspect is changing in some way. There was a lot of information, but luckily we went ahead and gathered all the biggest bits of information right here. 

Facebook F8 2019

New web and mobile designs

The fifth major redesign of the Facebook app is incoming, codenamed ‘FB5’, and it will make communities – known as Groups – the focus, featuring a sleek redesign that should make it faster and more reliable, not to mention more visually appealing.

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