How record-beating speakers are ensuring the survival of this iconic, 150 year-old venue

It was once said that the Royal Albert Hall was “the only place a composer could be sure of hearing his piece twice”.  The legendary music venue’s sound has never quite matched its looks; that iconic domed roof and amphitheater-style design has ensured that any music played in the Hall has always suffered from a …

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Google surprises Android TV owners with unwanted advertisements

Updates that add features like additional HDR support or fix weird issues are one good thing about smart TVs, but as many of us have experienced, there can be a downside. Software updates delivered months or years after a TV is purchased could change the interface for the worse, or add “features” that are really just revenue-generating opportunities. A “pilot program” popping up on Android TVs (which include most of Sony’s lineup from the past few years, even the expensive models) combines both of those issues by adding a row of Sponsored content that no one asked for.

That no one apparently includes Sony, which posted a new support page noting that the change is managed by Google. Even though owners of their TVs purchased displays without the ads and didn’t anticipate they’d show up, there’s no way to simply disable them — instead Sony suggests creating a new [...]  read more

Visita delegazione Cio, da Giorgetti garanzie finanziarie del governo per i Giochi 2026

Il sottosegretario alla presidenza del consiglio con delega allo sport, Giancarlo Giorgetti, ha consegnato venerdì pomeriggio al presidente della commissione del Cio sulla candidatura di Milano-Cortina alle Olimpiadi invernali del 2026, Octavio Morariu, la lettera di garanzie finanziarie del governo italiano firmata dal premier Conte. Era il passaggio a chiusura della visita dei delegati del Comitato olimpico a Milano. «Soddisfatto e emozionato per il risultato raggiunto. Lo merita il nostro sport e tutti coloro che si sono impegnati per rendere possibile la candidatura Milano-Cortina per i Giochi 2026. Ringrazio tutti e in particolare il presidente Giuseppe Conte che ha sempre sostenuto il progetto», ha poi commentato Giorgetti. «Ci sono i soldi del governo per i Giochi? Assolutamente, c’è la garanzia di coprire tutte le spese per l’ordine pubblico, dipende da me direttamente». Così il vicepremier Matteo Salvini, che arrivando al seminario con la [...]  read more

VSCO sues PicsArt over photo filters that were allegedly reverse-engineered

Photo editing app-maker VSCO has filed a lawsuit against competitor PicsArt.

The suit focuses on 19 PicsArt filters that were supposedly “reverse engineered from VSCO’s filters,” with VSCO alleging it’s become a legal issue involving false advertising and violations of the app’s terms of service.

“VSCO has invested significant time and resources in developing its presets [a.k.a. filters], which represent valuable intellectual property of VSCO,” the company writes.

In a statement, PicsArt denied the suit’s claims:

VSCO is not a direct competitor, but they clearly feel threatened by PicsArt. VSCO’s claims are meritless. It’s disappointing that they have made these false claims against us. PicsArt will vigorously defend itself against these baseless claims and all options are under consideration.

Specifically, VSCO says that at least 17 PicsArt employees created VSCO accounts — probably not an uncommon competitive practice, but the suit claims they used those accounts [...]  read more

Gadget Lab Podcast: Reporting From Syria

This week, we’re joined by a special guest: freelance war correspondent Kenneth Rosen. Ken is working on a series of stories for WIRED about the reconstruction efforts in Syria. The first of Ken’s stories, “The Body Pullers of Syria,” was published on WIRED earlier this week. We talk to Ken about how he does his job, the tools he uses to report the stories of the men and women rebuilding the war-torn cities, and the methods he uses to stay safe in the field.


p class=”paywall”>Show notes:
Read Kenneth Rosen’s story, “The Body Pullers of Syria.” Also see Ken’s packing grid photo. We’ll be back with the regular news roundup and recommendations next week.

Send the Gadget Lab hosts feedback on their personal Twitter feeds. Arielle Pardes can be found at @pardesoteric. Lauren Goode is @laurengoode. Michael Calore can be found at @snackfight. Our guest Kenneth Rosen is @kenneth_rosen.

Bling the main hotline [...]  read more

Android TV now includes sponsored content on the home screen

As part of a pilot program, Google has added a new sponsored content section to some Android TV devices, the company confirmed in a statement to XDA Developers.

That reaffirms an earlier report of some users noticing advertisements appearing on their Android TV-based Sony X900F TVs, though a statement from an Nvidia representative denies that the ads are appearing on Shield TVs – which implies that the problem might just be contained to Sony smart TVs. 

If the update has been deployed to your device, you’ll notice a new ‘Sponsored Content’ row on the home screen in between your recommended content. 

Unlike other channels on Android TV, those who have the update claim the sponsored row cannot be customized in any way, nor can it be removed in the typical way – requiring those users to disable the Android TV Core Services app and manually restart the system. 

That said, while no one likes seeing advertisements spring up in a place where there were none before, [...]  read more