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The Wikipedia article of the day for April 7, 2019 is Sabre Wulf.
Sabre Wulf is an action-adventure game by Ultimate Play the Game, initially released in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum home computer. The player navigates the pith-helmeted Sabreman through a colourful 2D jungle maze to collect amulet pieces, avoid enemies, and bypass the guardian at its exit. With no explicit guidance on how to play, the player is left to decipher the game’s objectives through trial and error. The game developers had finished Sabre Wulf’s sequels in advance of its release but—in keeping with their penchant for secrecy—chose to withhold them until later that year. They hired outside developers to port the game to several other computing platforms. Sabre Wulf was a bestseller and a financial success. It was recommended by reviewers, who also noted its difficult gameplay and praised its graphics. Retrospective critics remember Sabre Wulf as among the Spectrum’s best releases.