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Zizek Peterson Debate 2019
Z/P 2019
6:30pm CST / 7:30pm EST
/ Start – 23:08
/ no finish, apologies
(transcription of final remarks below)

I hope they leave this debate with the belief in the power of communication between people with different views. There is a growing idea on college campus’ (tell me if I go over my minute) that there really is no such thing as free speech because people are only the avatars of their group identity and they have nothing unique to say and besides that there’s no communication across boundaries of identity or belief and I think that that is an unbelievably dangerous and pernicious doctrine and I think that people of good will, despite their differences, can communicate and they can both come out of that communication improved, even though there might be some dissent and some… some descent and some dissent on the way and so that’s what I would hope people would come out of this with.

I will be more concrete, even politically. There is today so it appears, this big conflict between all that postmodern stuff that you oppose and this alt-right and so on. I hope sincerely that we make at least some people to think and to reject this simple opposition—there are quite reasonable… The only alternative to alt-right is not political correctness and so on. And I… now I’m speaking not for you but for me, please if you are a leftist don’t feel obliged to be politically correct. Think, don’t be afraid to think. And especially (would you agree), what great version of not thinking is how immediately if they don’t agree with you, you are labeled a fascist, but that’s the laziness. People find something they don’t agree with, instead of thinking they think about something we all agree was a bad thing—op! you are a fascist and so on. No it’s not as simple as that. Even Trump, of whom I am deeply critical, no I’m sorry to tell you, yes he is a catastrophe in the long term and so on but he is not a fascist. You make it all too easy to play these games. I just want not a positive result, but to shatter you a little bit—to make you think.

I have always felt that the greatest conversations are unfinished ones. Please join me in thanking Slavoj Zizek and Jordan Peterson for a great unfinished conversation.

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