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The Wikipedia article of the day for April 27, 2019 is Teresa Sampsonia.
Teresa Sampsonia (1589–1668) was a noblewoman of the Safavid Empire of Iran. She was born into a noble Orthodox Christian Circassian family and grew up in Isfahan in the Iranian royal court. In 1608 she married the Elizabethan English adventurer Robert Shirley, who attended the Safavid court in an effort to forge an alliance against the neighbouring Ottoman Empire. She accompanied him on the Persian embassy to Europe (1609–15), where he represented the Safavid king Abbas the Great. She was received by many of the royal houses of Europe, including the English prince Henry Frederick and Queen Anne, who were her son’s godparents. The historian Thomas Herbert considered Robert Shirley “the greatest Traveller of his time”, but admired the “undaunted Lady Teresa” even more. Following the death of her husband from dysentery in 1628, she left Iran and lived in a convent in Rome for the rest of her life.