Milano: 1° maggio nel segno dei rider: “La nuova frontiera dei diritti negati”

Il segno dei tempi, del lavoro che cambia e dei diritti che ancora tardano a essere riconosciuti, arriva a conclusione del corteo dedicato alla festa del 1° maggio. Il primo a parlare alla manifestazione organizzata dai sindacati confederali in piazza Scala è Giuseppe Di Maggio, professione: rider. Giuseppe è una delle diecimila persone che a …

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The Air Force Will Embed Airmen at Carnegie Mellon University

Earlier this week, WIRED spoke with Heather Wilson, the secretary of the Air Force. She was just finishing a visit to Carnegie Mellon University, which has developed a special relationship with the service. We spoke about the Air Force’s new Science and Technology Strategy, which was announced earlier this month, as well as their new initiatives in artificial intelligence, surveillance, and space. We unfortunately did not have the opportunity to discuss whether the allied forces of the living had misused their tactical air power advantage in the battle with the Night King.

Nicholas Thompson: Secretary Wilson, hello. Thank you for talking with WIRED.

Heather Wilson: Nick, thanks for doing this. Just as a little bit of background, Carnegie Mellon is one of our strongest research partners. In 2016 the Air Force established a six-year agreement with them on trusted swarming and autonomy. Then in the fall of 2018, we established a center of excellence [...]  read more

Billboard Music Awards live stream: how to watch the 2019 ceremony from anywhere

No judging panels. No telephone votes. The Billboard Music Awards are the prizes handed out based purely on who has topped the charts over the last year. Making a chart topping song or album isn’t easy of course, but thankfully getting a 2019 Billboard Music Awards live stream is much, much easier…and you’ve come to the right place to discover how catch every minute of the BBMAs.

2019 Billboard Music Awards – when and where
The 2019 Billboard Music Awards will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Wednesday, May 1.

The award show will begin at 8pm ET/PT and usually runs for around three hours. You can also tune in to the two hour BBMA pre-show on the red carpet at the MGM Grand Garden Arena starting at 6pm ET / 3pm PT on Twitter via the award show’s official handle @BBMAs.

For the second year in a row, Kelly Clarkson will host the three-hour BBMA show which will be filled with performances from this year’s top acts including DJ Khalid, Panic! At the Disco, the Jonas Brothers, Normani, BTS and Halsey. Mariah Carey will also accept the Icon Award and play a mashup of some of her most celebrated hits [...]  read more

Fanduel is now charging inactive users $3 per month for not playing

You expect to lose money gambling, but you don’t really expect to lose it abstaining from gambling. But if you’re Fanduel user who hasn’t made any bets or deposits for two years, the site will now deduct $3 per month until you put some money on the table. You have to play to win, it seems, but not to lose.

In an email sent to such lapsed (or perhaps recovering) users, including Engadget’s Richard Lawler, Fanduel wrote:

It appears your account has been inactive for over two years, which means you have neither deposited nor entered a contest during that time. We’ve recently updated our Terms of Use to impose a monthly inactivity fee of $2.99 for any accounts that have no play or deposit activity for a period of 24+ months. Per our terms, we are providing you with 30 days notice prior to imposing this fee.

How many inactive accounts do you think you have at random sites you signed up for and never ended up using? Dozens, maybe even a hundred for some? Has any one of these sites [...]  read more

France's fascinating 'wine treatment'

To learn more about France's deliciously incestuous relationship between wine and medicine, I needed to visit a wine cellar deep in the bowels of a …
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The Plan to Dodge a Killer Asteroid—Maybe Even Good Ol’ Bennu

If you go to the website for the Planetary Defense Conference, a large red box contains a warning: “This webpage does not describe a real potential asteroid impact,” it reads. “The information on this page is fictional.”

The page is for the people who look up at the night sky and think—as part of their jobs—not of pretty, twinkling stars but of hurtling objects that might crash down and pulverize us all. These asteroid-impact planners need fake threats to work through how exactly we’d survive a real encounter with a space rock headed straight for Earth. This year, the fictional killer asteroid that got their blood pumping was fake-discovered on March 26, 2019.

Somewhere between 100 and 300 meters across, this rock could crash into Earth at several points in the future, most likely on April 29, 2027. The “[risk] corridor wraps more than halfway around the globe, spanning from the Hawaii on the western end, across the US and Atlantic Ocean, and all the [...]  read more

The best DualShock 4 deals in May 2019: cheap PS4 controller prices

If you’ve already gotten a great PS4 deal, now is the time to find a super cheap PS4 controller price so you always have an extra DualShock 4 controller handy. This is crucial if you plan on long gaming sessions and need a backup controller that’s charged up and ready. Plus, you always want to …

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