Great teams, UBI, data retention policies, and Amazon HQ2

3 key secrets to building extraordinary teams

David Cancel, the CEO and founder of Drift, wrote a deep dive on how to think about finding and recruiting the kinds of people who build incredible startups. Among the factors he looks at:

Scrappiness (Importance: 35%)

The four most telling words a new hire can say: “I’ll figure it out.” If you find someone who says that (and can follow through on it), you know you’ve found someone with drive — someone who will plunge headfirst into any challenge and help move the company forward. But to clarify, the type of drive I look for in new hires is different from traditional ambition. Because traditionally ambitious people, while hard workers, tend to obsess over their own personal rise up the corporate ladder. They always have an eye on that next title change, from manager to director, director to VP, or VP to C-suite, and that influences how they perform. That’s why a decade ago, while running my previous company Performable, I added a new requirement to our job descriptions: “Scrappiness.” [...]  read more

“Stop alla vendita di alcolici di notte”: la proposta anti-degrado di Milano

“Stiamo pensando a un divieto di vendita per gli alcolici dopo le 24, perché ci sono proteste in diversi quartieri da parte dei cittadini, e quindi bisogna ragionarci”. Il sindaco Beppe Sala, durante una colazione all’Ostello Bello di Milano in zona Stazione centrale, annuncia una possibile futura rivoluzione sul commercio notturno riguardo alle bevande alcoliche. “Un divieto del genere si può fare in diversi modi – aggiunge il sindaco – e una via può essere che gli alcolici si debbano consumare sul posto e non si possa portarli via dal punto di vendita. Bisogna ragionarci con le associazioni di categoria”. Divieti limitati esistono già, ma Sala va oltre: “Dovrebbe essere un provvedimento valido per tutta la città: non mi piace gettare la croce addosso solo ad alcune vie solo,  anche per questo anche sono critico sul discorso delle zone rosse. Ma se i milanesi sono convinti che ci sono ore in cui si [...]  read more

The Swimsuit Revolution

The swimsuit has come of age. Agrees Harshad Daswani, founder of an online portal for beach and swimwear, and says, “Earlier the Indian market …
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #swimsuit

A Physics Analysis of Every Jedi Jump in All of *Star Wars*

May the Fourth Be With You. That’s Star Wars Day, May 4. Now for some Star Wars physics—because that’s what I do. Yes, I have a bunch of Star Wars physics (here is a list). But since this is a special day, I needed a special analysis. How about an analysis of Jedi jumps in the Star Wars movies?

The Physics of Jedi Jumping

If you watch Star Wars Episode IV, there are zero Jedi jumps. What is a Jedi jump? You know—when someone who can use The Force jumps way higher than a normal person could jump. That’s a Jedi jump. Remember when Luke jumped out of that carbonite freezing chamber in The Empire Strikes Back? That was a Jedi jump. There aren’t too many Jedi jumps in the original trilogy—but then the prequels showed up with tons of jumps.

Of course with a human jump, I can look at the total time off the ground (the hang time) as well as the jump height. Since the only force acting on a real human on the real Earth is the gravitational force, there is a constant downward acceleration [...]  read more

The first 5G phone in Europe was unexpected – and here’s what it means for you

We’re finally starting to see 5G phones make their way to Europe, after networks and phones became available in the US and South Korea in April, but the race to release the first 5G phone in Europe was a tight one.

In the end the top three contenders crossed the line in quick succession – the Oppo Reno 5G, Huawei Mate 20 X 5G and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G all became available in Switzerland during May 1 and 2, however the winner was something of a surprise.

The Swiss 5G finish line

The phone that launched on May 1 was the Oppo Reno 5G, a phone from a brand that’s not exactly a household name in Europe, despite being a very popular company in Asia. Many would have expected the title to go to Samsung or OnePlus, so Oppo stealing a march shows the brand is out to make waves.

The first 5G network in Europe came in Switzerland on April 17, when telecoms company Swisscom switched on its 5G network. 

At the time there weren’t any commercially-available 5G phones for customers to make the most of the improved [...]  read more

Uber is facing Australian class action suit alleging ‘unlawful conduct’

As it gears up to go public Uber is facing legacy baggage down under: A class action lawsuit has been filed in Australia on behalf of around 6,000 taxi and hire car drivers and license owners, Reuters reported Friday.

The suit was filed Friday at the Victoria Supreme Court by personal injury and compensation law firm, Maurice Blackburn. It’s seeking compensation on behalf of thousands of taxi and hire car drivers and operators who believe they lost income or saw a fall in the value of their licence as a result of what it dubs “Uber’s unlawful conduct”.

The firm is still registering additional participants online — specifically those who were licensed to operate in four states, Victoria, Western Australian, New South Wales and Queensland, between a selection of dates spanning 2014 to 2017.

The argument behind the case is that Uber started operating illegally in the four states in 2014, by offering its UberX service which used vehicles and drivers without “the proper licences, [...]  read more