Uber’s IPO, the Call to Break Up Facebook, and More News

Uber made billions in their stock market debut, criticism of Facebook is coming from inside the house, and the dearth of climate change plans from presidential candidates isn’t all that impressive. Here’s the tech news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

Today’s Headlines

Uber’s IPO wasn’t about drivers; it was about not having them

This morning, Uber rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange to mark the largest IPO by a tech company in the past half-decade. You may be asking yourself, how does a company with a public history of missteps, and that still isn’t profitable, become worth $82 billion? Because Uber’s value isn’t merely in the company itself; it’s a bet on the self-driving industry Uber hopes to lead.

Calls for Facebook’s breakup are getting louder

It’s not just privacy enthusiasts, politicians, and frustrated Facebook users who are calling for Facebook’s breakup; this week, one of Facebook’s original [...]  read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may miss out on the new 64MP camera sensor

Just after Samsung announced a new 64MP camera sensor that could appear in next year’s Galaxy S11, hopes of the sensor coming to the Galaxy Note 10 later this year were dashed by a reputable Samsung device leaker.

“To be sure, Samsung Note10 will not use 64MP CMOS,” Tweeted  @UniverseIce, but also noting “This is not necessarily a bad thing.”

The new 64MP camera sensor appeared alongside a 48MP sensor in a Samsung Newsroom post on May 9, expanding the company’s lineup of sensors with 0.8-micron pixels. Both are expected to go into mass production in the latter half of 2019.

New camera technology is definitely exciting for anyone on the lookout for the next best camera phone. And, with new Samsung flagships often raising the bar for smartphone cameras, heightened expectations for the Galaxy Note 10 are only natural, especially in the wake of the new sensor news. But, if @UniverseIce is [...]  read more

Equity Shot: Judging Uber’s less-than-grand opening day

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

We are back, as promised. Kate Clark and Alex Wilhelm re-convened today to discuss the latest from the Uber IPO. Namely that it opened down, and then kept falling.

A few questions spring to mind. Why did Uber lose ground? Was it the company’s fault? Was it simply the macro market? Was it something else altogether? What we do know is that Uber’s pricing wasn’t what we were expecting and its first day was not smooth.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why Uber went out the way it did. Firstly, the stock market has had a rough week. That, coupled with rising U.S.-China tensions made this week one of the worst of the year for Uber’s monstrous IPO.

But, to make all that clear, we ran back through some history, recalled some key Lyft stats, and more.

We don’t know what’s next but we will be keeping a close watch, specifically on the next cohort of [...]  read more

Chris Hughes Is Right: We Should Dismantle Facebook

The opening to Chris Hughes’ much-publicized New York Times essay yesterday—attacking the company that made him vastly wealthy—was almost Shakespearean in its drama. After describing his last personal meeting with the Zuckerbergs—in their house, sharing a hug in parting with Mark’s wife, Priscilla—he lays out in 6,000-word detail how the empire Mark Zuckerberg built should be systematically dismantled and regulated for the good of us all.

Such proposals have been made before, by Elizabeth Warren, myself, and many others, but Hughes’ standing is something else altogether. His history with Zuckerberg and Facebook goes back a decade and a half. As Hughes described in this morning’s The Daily podcast, he actually shared a dorm room with a young Zuckerberg in their sophomore year at Harvard, back when the titan-to-be seemed little different than any other undergrad, worrying about dates and tidying up his room.

Antonio García [...]  read more