Ryzen 3000-Series CPUs may support even faster memory at 5,000MHz

AMD’s Ryzen processors (CPUs) have always liked extra fast memory (RAM), and it looks like that may continue to be the case with Ryzen 3000-Series processors as well. The upcoming CPUs will support up to DDR4-5000, according to a leak from @1usmus on Twitter

The leak comes from Yuri Bubly, a developer and AMD partner who has created a DRAM calculator specifically for Ryzen processors. This suggests the new generation of processors will be just as hungry for extra-fast RAM as previous generations.

A speedy, powerful future for Ryzen

This is just one more leak pointing to an extra high-performance future for Ryzen processors when they launch with AMD’s new Zen 2 architecture. On top of the boosts they’ll get from the move to a 7-nanometer process, the new Ryzen processors are now expected to come out with some serious core counts as well.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Recap, Season 8 Episode 5: How to Ruin Every Beloved Character

Like the famous Robert Frost poem about the end of the world, the apocalyptic themes of Game of Thrones raise an elemental question: Will the world end in ice or in fire? If the smoking ruins of King’s Landing are any indication, the answer is fire—specifically, fire wielded by a mentally unstable, vengeful woman laying waste to the world out of jealousy and misdirected rage.

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We were warned about “Targaryen madness” early and often, this idea that “every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin.” Daenerys’ father, Aerys II—aka the Mad King—came out on the wrong end of that flip, spiraling into paranoia and a fondness for burning his enemies alive that led directly to the end of the Targaryen dynasty and, very nearly, the destruction of King’s Landing by wildfire.

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Facebook increases pay for contractors and content moderators

In the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Washington, DC, contractors will soon receive $20 per hour. In Seattle, they’ll see $18 per hour. That’s an increase from the $15 minimum wage that Facebook set in 2015. The pay increase should go into effect by mid-next year, and Facebook said in a blog post that it’s working to develop similar standards internationally.

For content moderators, whose jobs can be especially traumatizing, Facebook will offer even higher wages. In the Bay Area, New York and Washington, DC, those individuals will receive at least $22 per hour. In Seattle, they’ll receive $20 per hour, and in the rest of the US, they’ll earn $18 per hour.

Because content moderation now involves screening for violence like footage of the horrific Christchurch shooting, Facebook is testing new tools to protect moderators’ mental well-being, [...]  read more

The Pentagon and CIA have a secret missile that shreds targets with giant flying knives

A report by The Wall Street Journal last week revealed a secretive U.S. military weapon designed explicitly to reduce civilian casualties in targeted strikes. Unlike a traditional hellfire missile dispatched from an aerial drone, the missile variant packs no payload, no explosive. The catch? It drops 100 pounds of metal on a target, shredding them to pieces with six giant knives.

As the WSJ reports, the weapon, developed under the Obama administration, is only deployed in special circumstances. Known as the R9X, it is specifically designed for precision operations in which a normal explosive hellfire missile would result in civilian deaths.

The paper was able to confirm two operations that employed the R9X, one this January by the Department of Defense that killed Jamal al-Badawi. The second took place in Syria two years ago, resulting in the death of Al Qaeda leader Ahmad Hasan Abu Khayr al-Masri.

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Sweden reopens rape case against Julian Assange

Sweden’s prosecution authority has reopened a preliminary investigation into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on an allegation of rape dating back to 2010. It said today it will issue a European Arrest Warrant for Assange, and submit an application for a detention order to Uppsala District Court — as the suspected crime took place in Enköping municipality. …

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Intel Project Athena release date, news and features

Intel’s Project Athena is a program created by the chip maker to help laptop makers build the revolutionary laptops of the future.

Announced at CES 2019, Project Athena sees Intel working with some of the biggest names in the laptop industry – including Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and Samsung – to create the next generation of laptops that are thinner, lighter, more powerful and have better battery life.

It’s similar to what Intel and laptop manufacturers did with Ultrabooks a few years back. By coming up with a list of minimum specifications that laptops would have to meet to be known as Ultrabooks, consumers would know they are getting the very latest – and best – hardware.

With Project Athena laptops, Intel and its partners are looking to make devices that can cope with the demands of modern-day computing. So, we’ve gathered together the news and rumors, and everything else we know so far about Intel’s Project Athena.

Intel Project Athena

The companies that have signed up to Project Athena (Image Credit: Intel Corporation)

Cut to the chase 

  • What is it? A partnership between Intel and manufacturers to design the next generation of laptops
  • When is it out? Possibly late 2019
  • What will it cost? Project Athena laptops will vary in price, but don’t expect them to be cheap

What is Intel Project Athena?

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Processo «piastra» Expo, pg chiede un anno e un mese per Giuseppe Sala

La Procura Generale ha chiesto di condannare a un anno e un mese di reclusione il sindaco di Milano Giuseppe Sala per l’accusa di falso materiale e ideologico maturata nell’inchiesta sulla cosiddetta «piastra» di Expo, l’appalto per costruire l’infrastruttura di base su cui poi sarebbe sorta l’Esposizione Universale del 2015. «Il reato – ha spiegato il sostituto pg Massimo Gaballo – è documentalmente provato». Sala risponde solo di falso per la retrodatazione di due verbali con cui, nel maggio del 2012, sono stati sostituiti due componenti della commissione di gara per l’assegnazione del maxi appalto, vinto dalla Mantovani, per evitare di dover annullare la procedura.

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Milano, Beppe Sala per la prima volta in tribunale da imputato
I due verbali

Il primo cittadino avrebbe falsificato due verbali nelle sue vesti di amministratore delegato e commissario straordinario della società Expo, in concorso col suo allora «braccio destro» Angelo Paris. Secondo l’accusa, i due imputati avrebbero retrodatato di 13 giorni [...]  read more