From crypto winter to crypto weirder

Captain Kirk and neo-Dadaists. Repugnant markets and legendary cryptographers. “Digital couture” auctioned by CryptoKitties developers. Distributed autonomous art organizations. A keynote speech looking back from 2047 at the near-apocalypse of 2026, from which we were saved by a new, fully tokenized economy. Yes, that’s right: NYC Blockchain Week has begun.

Where to begin? I suppose with context. This week’s series of cryptocurrency conferences kicked off with “Ethereal,” hosted by Consensys, a company/incubator/studio mostly devoted to decentralized software and services built atop the Ethereum blockchain … although they also acquired an asteroid-mining company last year. Subsequently they laid off 13% of their staff, in the depths of the notorious “crypto winter” that followed the crypto bubble which ended abruptly last January.

You read it here first, though: we are now moving from crypto winter into crypto weirder.

In fairness, the Ethereum community has long been [...]  read more

*Tolkien* Proves the Hobbits Are More Important Than the Man

In the new movie Tolkien, war is murder—and sometimes Mordor. Clouds of mustard gas billowing into the trenches of the Somme become the smoke of dragon fire; German soldiers setting men alight with flamethrowers transform into the dragon itself. A young James Ronald Reuel Tolkien staggers across the dark, treeless ruin of no man’s land as Frodo would one day stagger toward Mount Doom. As the men around him scream and gurgle, Tolkien sees a dark rider on a black horse sweeping across the battlefield, pausing to skewer the already dying.

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What A Trip: France

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social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #travel #tours