Lo sfogo antirazzista del capotreno di Trenord: «Perché protestate se faccio la multa a i bianchi e festeggiate se la faccio a un nero?»

«Sui treni pendolari da 15 anni e il clima è nettamente peggiorato» | Corriere Tv CONTINUA A LEGGERE » «Faccio il capotreno in Lombardia da 15 anni» racconta Marco Crudo su Facebook, ma il clima peggiora ogni giorno. «Se faccio la multa a una ragazza bianca tutti protestano e dicono che dovrei controllare piuttosto gli …

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Appian adds AI capabilities to its low-code platform

In an effort to help businesses easily add artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to their applications, Appian has announced a new service called Appian AI which will allow its customers to add AI to any application built on its platform.

While the company already offers integrations for most major AI platforms, Appian AI will include AI services directly powered by the Google Cloud Platform.

Appian AI is included in the Appian Platform for free though additional charges may apply with increased usage levels.

By integrating AI capabilities such as image recognition and sentiment analysis into human workflows, the company’s new service can help transform the customer experience, optimize internal operations and reduce costs.

Appian AI

Appian AI makes implementing AI capabilities simple for organizations who can use its no-code Connected System integration to create AI-powered business applications. Since Google’s AI is directly integrated into its platform, businesses will no longer [...]  read more

Apply now for Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF 2019

We’re looking for fearless early-stage startup founders who want to launch their business on a global stage. We’re talking about competing in Startup Battlefield, our legendary, life-altering pitch-off that takes place at Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4. Do you have what it takes to be legendary? Apply right here and find out. What have you got to lose? Applying and participating in Startup Battlefield is free.

We’re not kidding when we say legendary. Since 2007, more than 857 startups have competed, launched and now form the Startup Battlefield alumni community. They’ve gone on to collectively raise more than $8.9 billion in funding and produce more than 110 exits. Compete in the Battlefield and you’ll join this community that includes auspicious names like Mint, Dropbox, Yammer, TripIt, Getaround and Cloudflare — to name just a few.

Here’s how Startup Battlefield works. Discerning TechCrunch editors with an eye for successful startups review all the applications [...]  read more

How VSCO Builds Film-Like Smartphone Photo Filters in Its Lab

It’s so common now it’s practically a habit: Snap a pic, adjust a few things, slap on a filter, and boom. Your smartphone photo suddenly has the warm, nostalgic charm of a portrait shot with a manual Canon in the 1970s. As digital oversharing on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media feeds has become increasingly image-centric, the use of filters has become essential, second nature—and an art form all its own.

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But that’s just how smartphone users interact with filters. How those tools are made is a much different story. Apps like Adobe Photoshop Express are able to port the tricks of traditional picture editing onto your device, but  [...]  read more

Sabato Salvini a Milano con i leader sovranisti, ad “accoglierli” i lenzuoli con slogan di protesta

Le stanno già chiamando le “balconiadi” della Milano che protesta contro Matteo Salvini che sarà in città sabato con 18 leader sovranisti europei, fra cui Marie Le Pen e l’ungherese Orban. Il ministro degli Interni sabato potrebbe trovare la città imbandierata di lenzuoli appesi alle finestre con l’hashtag #SalviniTogliAncheQuesti e varie frasi che sono suggerite nell’evento Facebook che in queste ore viaggia nella rete: “Apriamo i Porti”, “Milano è antifascista”, “prima le persone”, “Bella ciao” e “Sì Ius Soli”. Sono questi alcuni degli slogan che già nelle prossime ore appariranno sui balconi dei palazzi milanesi su invito de “I Sentinelli”, movimento contro tutte le discriminazioni che ha lanciato [...]  read more

US travel agents choose Greece, again

US tourists are increasingly interested in Greek destinations and contacts between Greek and US travel agents are on the rise. As a result, 2019 is the …
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #travel #tours