Trump Is Hiding Obamacare, A Major Microsoft Bug, and More News

The White House is scrubbing out Obamacare, Microsoft found a major flaw, and there’s a good alternative to AirPods. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

Today’s Headlines

The Trump administration is scrubbing Obamacare from government websites

President Donald Trump hasn’t been subtle about his distaste for the Affordable Care Act. But according to a new report, the Trump administration has been systematically wiping crucial information about the ACA from government websites over the past two years. Unlike previous attempts to undercut it—like changing funding— these modifications often happen with little fanfare or government oversight while making it incredibly difficult for Americans to access their healthcare resources.

Microsoft released a Windows XP fix, and it’s a very bad sign

For the first time in two years, Microsoft issued patches for 79 flaws across its products. But one hacking vulnerability was so bad they had to release a fix for Windows XP, an operating system they officially abandoned five years ago. The problem is, announcing a patch doesn’t just alert users to it; it also alerts hackers. Among the tens of millions of devices that still run XP, some will soldier on without the patch installed and thus remain vulnerable. The lesson: Always update, folks.

Cocktail Conversation

Scooters are everywhere now, but as sharing becomes more popular the question has to be asked: Is it better to use rideshare scooters or just buy one yourself? Our writer dives into the benefits of both, and why ownership could potentially keep you a little less scraped up.

WIRED Recommends: Powerbeats Pro

So maybe you missed out on the AirPods fad, or you just don’t love how they sound. Meet the Powerbeats Pro: the first wire-free Beats buds. Our reviewer says they’re one of the best workout buds you can buy. It has Apple’s touch (Apple bought Beats years ago), but added sound quality and in-ear staying power.

More News You Can Use

Google recalled the Titan security key over a bluetooth flaw.

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