So Long to Grumpy Cat, Amazon’s Special Warehouses, and More News

We’re pouring one out for Grumpy Cat, Amazon is doing damage control after some bear-spray incidents, and ocean plastics are choking us out. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

Today’s Headlines

Grumpy Cat is headed to cat heaven

The viral sensation Grumpy Cat passed away at 7 years old today, and with her a time where the internet was a joyful and united place. Let us all honor her memory by remembering the time when our memes were all as pure and fluffy as she was.

Amazon is building special warehouses for hazardous items

Last year, an incident involving bear spray exploding in a warehouse hospitalized over twenty of Amazon’s workers. It wasn’t even the first time the company had had a bear spray incident. So now Amazon is investing in specially-engineered buildings, equipped with sprinkler systems, designated storage areas, and special training for employees.

Plastics aren’t just strangling animals, but us too

Scientists have revealed that [...]  read more

‘Crypto exchange’ Goxtrade caught using other people’s photos on its staff page

Alleged cryptocurrency exchange Goxtrade bills itself as a “trusted platform for trading bitcoins,” but its staff page is filled with photos of people pulled seemingly at random from the internet.

The alleged exchange, which claimed to debut in 2017 yet its website is only a little more than a week old, used photos taken from social media profiles and other company websites not associated with the company.

Bizarrely, the alleged exchange didn’t bother to change all of the names of the people whose photos it used.

Amber Baldet, co-founder of Clovyr, a prominent figure in the blockchain community, and listed in Fortune’s 40 Under 40, was one of the people whose name and photos appeared on the site.

“Fraud alert: I am not a developer at Goxtrade and probably their entire business is a lie,” she tweeted Friday.

Nearly all of the names are accurate but have no connection to the site (Image: TechCrunch)

Goxtrade claims to be an exchange that lets users “receive, send and trade cryptocurrency.” [...]  read more

Minecraft Earth takes the original game and blends it with Pokemon Go

After teasing the announcement during its Build 2019 keynote, Microsoft has officially announced Minecraft Earth, a new augmented reality (AR) game in the style of Pokemon Go for iOS and Android devices. 

The announcement was made today – on the game’s 10-year anniversary – and Microsoft says that Minecraft Earth will go into beta this summer (June – August) with pre-registration available now on Minecraft Earth’s website

What makes Minecraft Earth different from the other AR games like Pokemon Go or Harry Potter Wizards Unite is that, instead of collecting or battling iconic monsters, Minecraft Earth is putting a heavy emphasis on collaborative building – i.e. the thing that made Minecraft so famous in the first place. 

According to early details on the game, players will collect resources while walking around their neighborhoods which can then be used in either small-scale construction projects with friends or life-size collaborations with anyone [...]  read more

Milano, la sanità delle lunghe attese. Ma se paghi cambia tutto

E alla fine, dopo un’ora e due minuti di attesa al telefono, con il disco registrato che da 20 continua a ripeterti che “la tua posizione in attesa è la numero quattro”, rinunci. E la mammografia bilaterale desisti dal fissarla con il ticket e la prenoti in regime privato, pagando 170 euro e ottenendo l’appuntamento nel giro di 24 ore, o al massimo il 24 maggio prossimo: ci metti in tutto cinque minuti, visto che l’operatore che fissa le visite a pagamento, al San Raffaele, ti tiene in linea appena due minuti prima di risponderti. Perché nella sanità che funziona a due velocità, in Lombardia, succede pure questo. Che alla fine, esasperati dalle attese e dalla corsa ostacoli che si rivela essere prenotare una visita o un esame, chi può lo fa privatamente.
“Repubblica” ha provato a prenotare, sia in regime privato che con il servizio sanitario nazionale (che prevede il pagamento del solo ticket), quattro prestazioni: una
 [...]  read more