Nintendo is shutting down Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in Belgium due to loot box regulation concerns

The loot box debate has been a hot topic in games for several years now, with several government bodies opting to classify the in-game feature as gambling and regulating them as such.  One of these countries has been Belgium, whose Gaming Commission deemed in 2018 that loot boxes are indeed a form of gambling and …

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Digital transformation could be causing security risk

Rapid deployment of digital transformation technologies could be leaving businesses at risk according to a new report which highlights a growing security gap among European organizations.

Of the companies surveyed in the 2019 Thales Data Threat Report – Europe Edition, almost a third (29%) said they had experienced a breach last year and just over half (55%) believe their digital transformation deployments are very or extremely secure.

Interest in digitally transformative technologies is high with 84 percent of organizations using or planning to use technologies including cloud, big data, mobile payments, containers, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). However, sensitive data is highly exposed in these environments and almost all of the organizations who participated in the study (97%) said they are using this type of data with digital transformation technologies.

Senior vice president of cloud protection and licensing at Thales, Sebastien Cano praised European businesses digital [...]  read more

SoFar Sounds house concerts raises $25M, but bands get just $100

Tired of noisy music venues where you can hardly see the stage? SoFar Sounds puts on concerts in people’s living rooms where fans pay $15 to $30 to sit silently on the floor and truly listen. Nearly 1 million guests have attended SoFar’s more than 20,000 gigs. Having attended a half dozen of the shows, I can say they’re blissful…unless you’re a musician to pay a living. In some cases, SoFar pays just $100 per band for a 25 minute set, which can work out to just $8 per musician per hour or less. Hosts get nothing, and SoFar keeps the rest, which can range from $1100 to $1600 or more per gig — many times what each performer takes home. The argument was that bands got exposure, and it was a tiny startup far from profitability.

Today, SoFar Sounds announced it’s raised a $25 million round led by Battery Ventures and Union Square Ventures, building on the previous $6 million it’d scored from [...]  read more

Blitz contro il caro ticket in metrò a Milano: bloccati i tornelli, danni per 70mila euro

Un blitz nelle stazioni della metropolitana di Milano, da Missori a Repubblica, da Zara a Garibaldi, con i tornelli per timbrare i biglietti bloccati e vandalizzati. Gli autori si firmano movimento ‘Atmnontipago’ e sostengono che la lori sia una campagna contro il caro ticket: “L’aumento del biglietto è una misura ingiusta che va a colpire ulteriormente le famiglie e i lavoratori, gli stipendi invece non aumentano mai e chi ha un lavoro fa fatica ad arrivare a fine mese”. Gli attivisti – un gruppo di una cinquantina di autonomi – hanno distribuito ai passeggeri migliaia di finti biglietti (uguali nella grafica a quelli di Atm e postati sui social) invitandoli ad aderire alla loro protesta.Schiuma e fascette per [...]  read more

Google Changes Abortion Ad Policy

Companies and organizations that plan to run ads on Google referring to abortion services in the United States, Britain and Ireland must first ask for …
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Apple MacBook Pro 2019: Keyboard Fix, Price, Specs

More than a year and a half after some MacBook owners began vociferously complaining about broken MacBook keyboards, Apple is making what it says is a material change in the keyboards in its high-end MacBook Pro laptops. It will also extend its keyboard repair program, in a bid to appease Apple laptop owners who have been frustrated by stuck or double-typing keys.

Apple’s newest MacBook Pros, which are being announced today and include significant bumps in power and performance, are still using Apple’s third-generation “butterfly” keyboard. But the company says these keyboards have a change in the physical material that exists within the butterfly mechanism that will address some of the issues that MacBook users have been experiencing. The company declined to say exactly what the material change was. Last year, Apple updated its MacBook Pros and MacBooks to include a silicone membrane under the keys, which was largely perceived as an effort to prevent dust and debris from making [...]  read more

DefinedCrowd offers mobile apps to empower its AI-annotating masses

DefinedCrowd, the Startup Battlefield alumnus that produces and refines data for AI-training purposes, has just debuted iOS and Android apps for its army of human annotators. It should help speed up a process that the company already touts as one of the fastest in the industry.

It’s no secret that AI relies almost totally on data that has been hand-annotated by humans, pointing out objects in photos, analyzing the meaning of sentences or expressions, and so on. Doing this work has become a sort of cottage industry, with many annotators doing it part time or between other jobs.

There’s a limit, however, to what you can do if the interface you must use to do it is only available on certain platforms. Just as others occasionally answer an email or look over a presentation while riding the bus or getting lunch, it’s nice to be able to do work on mobile — essential, really, at this point.

To that end DefinedCrowd has made its own app, which shares the Neevo branding of the [...]  read more

A trip to Cro about

THE rivieras of France and Italy have always been unbeatable destinations for anyone in search of sun, sea and sand. But Croatia's Dubrovnik Riviera …
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