‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’ won’t be at E3

The livestream will be the fifth installment of what Ubisoft has dubbed the “Space Monkey Report,” which the company has used to provide new information about Beyond Good and Evil 2. Details on the upcoming update are sparse. In the last update, which aired in December, the developers did a walkthrough of a pre-alpha demo of the game. Ubisoft seemed to suggest that there will be no new gameplay footage in the upcoming stream, saying it would share that “when the time is right.”

Fans of the original Beyond Good and Evil have been waiting for the sequel for a decade and a half now. While it seemed like the game may never come, Ubisoft made the follow-up official in 2017. From what is known about the game so far, it has proved to be considerably more ambitious than just a continuation of the original story. Developers have ditched Jade, the main character from the first game, in favor of a character creator and are building out a detailed universe to explore.

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