Startups net more than capital with NBA players as investors

Mary Ann Azevedo Contributor Mary Ann Azevedo covers startups and tech at Crunchbase News. More posts by this contributor It’s not so obvious that this VC firm is focused on impact With these numbers, it’s no surprise SoftBank is investing in Latin America If you’re a big basketball fan like me, you’ll be glued to …

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Tottenham vs Liverpool live stream: how to watch the Champions League final 2019 for free and from anywhere

If you’re a Spurs or Liverpool fan – or if you just love the game of football – it’s time to get yourself in front of a screen. That’s what in excess of 350 million around the globe will be doing today, to watch the 2019 UEFA Champions League final. The teams got to Madrid the hard way, and now it’s all about winning the big one. It’s time to bring home the silverware and you can watch every minute of the match and build-up with a Tottenham vs Liverpoool live stream of the Champions League final from absolutely anywhere in the world.

UEFA Champions League final 2019 – where and when
The 2019 Champions League final between Spurs and Liverpool will be played at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain – the shiny new home of Atlético Madrid.

The match will take place today (Saturday, June 1) with kick-off time set at 9pm CEST, 8pm BST, 3pm ET, 12pm PT and 5am AEST.

Liverpool are back on the biggest stage for the second time in two years and are probably just about the favorites to take the UEFA Champions League trophy back to their corner of the UK.

The 2018 final saw a cruel 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid, following Mo Salah’s early injury and that [...]  read more

Foxconn halts production lines for Huawei phones, according to reports

Huawei, the Chinese technology giant whose devices are at the center of a far-reaching trade dispute between the U.S. and Chinese governments, is reducing orders for new phones, according to a report in The South China Morning Post.

According to unnamed sources, the Taiwanese technology manufacturer Foxconn has halted production lines for several Huawei phones after the Shenzhen-based company reduced orders. Foxconn also makes devices for most of the major smart phone vendors including Apple and Xiaomi (in addition to Huawei).

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s declaration of a “national emergency” to protect U.S. networks from foreign technologies, Huawei and several of its affiliates were barred from acquiring technologies from U.S. companies.

The blacklist has impacted multiple lines of Huawei’s business including it handset manufacturing capabilities given the company’s reliance on Google’s Android operating system for its smartphones.

In May, Google reportedly [...]  read more

Why Net Neutrality Advocates Remain Optimistic

Worried about net neutrality? Call your senator.

“Advocates need to lean in,” US Representative Anna Eshoo (D–California) told a panel about net neutrality Thursday at Stanford. “The Congress is not a proactive institution. Congress moves when it’s pushed from the outside.”

Eshoo and her copanelists, Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, Reddit CEO Steven Huffman, and Stanford law professor Barbara van Schewick, remained doggedly optimistic about the future of net neutrality in the United States. Despite strong opposition from the majority of the FCC, Republican lawmakers, and President Trump, who likely will veto any Democrat-backed net neutrality bills, the panel members urged the audience to action. “There is great power in us,” said Rosenworcel, one of two FCC members who in 2017 voted against repealing the Obama-era [...]  read more

Major science publisher bars Huawei from reviewing papers

While this isn’t as dire for Huawei as moves by Google, Intel and others to honor US rules and cut off support, there are potentially significant ramifications. This makes it harder for scientists to advance discoveries in areas where Huawei is a specialist, such as AI. It could also deter Huawei from submitting papers if the company sees the IEEE as hostile to its work.

As it stands, this is only likely to put Huawei further on edge. The company has been increasingly confrontational over the US ban, to the point where it accused FedEx of diverting packages — it’s going to be irked at losing some of its scientific clout. There’s not much it can do to return to the IEEE’s good graces unless the US changes its mind, though, so it may have to live with the consequences unless the US changes its mind.

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NYC’s contactless subway turnstiles open today with Apple, Google, Samsung and Fitbit Pay support

After weeks of sporting “Coming Soon” screens, the New York City MTA’s OMNY pilot finally launched today. The system augments the city’s MetroCard swipes with new contactless screens that work with contactless prepaid credit and debit cards and a variety of different smart devices. We’ve highlighted the latter already. For starters, the system will work …

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Twitter takes down ‘a large number’ of Chinese-language accounts ahead of Tiananmen Square anniversary

Twitter has suspended a large number of Chinese-language user accounts, including those belonging to critics of China’s government. It seems like a particularly ill-timed move, occurring just days before thirtieth anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4.

“A large number of Chinese @Twitter accounts are being suspended today,” wrote Yaxue Cao, founder and editor of the U.S.-based publication China Change. “They ‘happen’ to be accounts critical of China, both inside and outside China.”

Cao then went on to highlight a number of the suspended accounts in a Twitter thread.

The Chinese government reportedly began cracking down late last year on people who post criticism on Twitter. The author of that story, The New York Times’ Paul Mozur, has also been tweeting about the takedowns, noting that “suspensions seem not limited to accounts critical of China” and that it appears to be “an equal opportunity purge of Chinese language accounts.”

In response, Twitter’s [...]  read more

Taxi sharing e 500 nuove licenze: il piano del Comune per incrementare il servizio delle auto bianche

Cinquecento nuove licenze, taxi sharing, seconde guide e monitoraggio del servizio: sono le quattro misure proposte dal Comune di Milano per incrementare il servizio taxi nelle fasce orarie in cui la domanda dei clienti supera l’offerta delle macchine disponibili. A presentarle sabato è stato l’assessore alla Mobilità del Comune, Marco Granelli, nel corso di un incontro con le associazioni dei tassisti. Milano, fa sapere Palazzo Marino in una nota, vuole combattere la congestione del traffico e l’inquinamento, e in questa sfida i taxi sono una parte essenziale. Il traffico sicuramente penalizza la qualità della vita e la crescita della città, e anche lo stesso servizio taxi, compresso anch’esso negli spazi saturi della città. L’esigenza di potenziare il servizio pubblico offerto ai cittadini in alcune fasce orarie dei giorni feriali e festivi emerge da uno studio condotto dal Comune sulle chiamate inevase. Dall’analisi emerge come durante la [...]  read more