Where are all the biotech startups raising?

Where are all the biotechnology companies raising these days? We crunched some numbers to arrive at an answer.

Using funding rounds data from Crunchbase, we plotted the count of venture capital funding rounds raised by companies in the fairly expansive biotechnology category in Crunchbase. Click the chart below and you can hover over individual data points to see the number of venture rounds raised in a given metro area between the start of 2018 and late May 2019 (as of publication). Although there are biotechnology companies located throughout the world, we focused here on just the U.S.


Unlike in the software-funding business, where New York City (and its surrounding area) ranks second in overall deal volume, the greater Boston metro area outranks the Big Apple in biotech venture deal volume. The SF Bay Area (which includes both San Francisco and the towns in Silicon Valley north and west of San Jose) outranks Boston in biotech deal volume, but, then again, it’s also a much larger geographic [...]  read more

Apple tipped to clamp down on tracking inside kids apps

WWDC 2019 gets underway tomorrow, Apple’s yearly get together for developers and app makers, and we just got another rumor about what’s in store – tighter controls on user tracking inside apps targeted at kids.

According to the WSJ, Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to announce more controls over what can and can’t be gathered in terms of user data, as well as pushing for more transparency over the data that gets collected.

The WSJ tested 80 apps highlighted in the iOS App Store, including some apps aimed at children, and found all but one included third-party trackers. There was an average of four trackers per app.

An app aimed at children aged between 2 and 7, Curious World, was found to be sending user names, ages, and data on in-app activity back to Facebook.

Stronger privacy and security

 [...]  read more

Boeing reportedly left engineers, officials unaware of 737 Max changes

Moreover, the aircraft maker reportedly didn’t disclose the MCAS changes to FAA officials responsible for determining pilot training requirements. While they’d been informed about the original, safer version of MCAS, they granted a request to remove the anti-stall tech from the pilot manual without realizing that Boeing was in the midst of changing the software. Even the chief technical pilot who made the request might not have fully understood MCAS, as he primarily used flight simulators that didn’t completely replicate the system.

In a statement, Boeing didn’t directly address the apparent revelations and instead said it has “no higher priority” than safety. The FAA, meanwhile, said it “was aware” of the MCAS design while certifying the 737 Max, including activating it in low-speed stalls and “other flight conditions.” However, the NYT sources said this only applied to the FAA division handling certification, and that [...]  read more

Cinder Grill Review: Cooks Like a Champ, but Needs Refinement

I often count my blessings when I remember that my cousin-in-law Erick owns a fantastic butcher shop. Erick himself was rather excited when I recently asked if I could have a new kitchen product to review shipped directly to him.

The two of us like talking shop, and we were both curious about the Cinder, a sort of space-age George Foreman Grill that sandwiches food between two heated griddle plates. It had arrived at his Portland, Oregon, shop, Block & Board, a few days before, festooned with yellow “HEAVY” stickers on the box.

Erick selected a bunch of food for us to cook, and it felt fitting to start with a nice, thick rib eye steak. We fired up the Cinder, threw the steak on, closed the lid, and both came to the same realization at the same time.

“It, uh, looks like it won’t be done cooking for … 100 minutes,” he said, sounding about as confused as I felt.

We suddenly had a lot of time to talk shop, but Erick, God bless him, didn’t [...]  read more

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could go all the way up to 45W fast charging

We’re eagerly awaiting the official arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, expected to arrive in August, but until that happens we’ve got plenty of leaks and rumors to go on – including talk of 45W fast charging. We’ve previously heard that the Note 10 is going to bring some rapid charging to the table, …

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Maxi-furto di smartphone alla Ceva: assalto notturno (in stile militare)

Un piano studiato nei minimi particolari, un commando di almeno dieci persone, professionisti, ciascuna con un proprio ruolo e dei tempi precisi di esecuzione, e un obiettivo: svaligiare il centro logistico della Ceva di Somaglia, nel Lodigiano. I ladri, dopo aver bloccato le vie di accesso con quattro camion rubati (tra cui la Statale 234 Mantovana e l’uscita del casello Autosole a Casalpusterlengo), sono entrati in azione facendo irruzione nel magazzino e portando via centinaia di bancali carichi di smartphone. Un milione di euro, forse di più, il valore del bottino. Per coprirsi la fuga i banditi hanno disseminato di chiodi il piazzale dello stabilimento. Indagano i carabinieri, che stanno passando al setaccio le immagini registrate dalle telecamere di sorveglianza.

L’azione lampo

Il blitz, avvenuto alle 4 del mattino di domenica, è durato pochissimi minuti: giusto il tempo di aprirsi un varco nella recinzione esterna e di portare un camion all’interno del piazzale [...]  read more