Fitness startup Mirror nears $300M valuation with fresh funding

Today, Peloton is a bonafide success. The company, which sells $2,245 internet-connected exercise bikes, boasts a $4 billion valuation and a cult following.

That hasn’t always been the case. For years, Peloton battled for venture capital investment and struggled to attract buyers. Now that it’s proven the market for tech-enabled home exercise equipment and affiliated subscription products, a whole bunch of startups are chasing down the same customer segment.

Mirror, a New York-based company that sells $1,495 full-length mirrors that double as interactive home gyms, is closing in a round of funding expected to reach $36 million, sources and Delaware stock filings confirm, at a valuation just under $300 million. It’s unclear who has signed on to lead the round; we’ve heard a number of high-profile firms looked at Mirror’s books and passed. The company has previously raised a total of $38 million from Spark Capital, First Round Capital, Lerer Hippeau, BoxGroup and more.

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WWDC 2019 live blog: we’ll be live from San Jose, California for Apple’s keynote

Gareth Beavis WWDC 2019 kicks off today with a big keynote presentation from Tim Cook and co, during which we expect to learn details of Apple’s next generation of software, including iOS 13 for iPhone, iPad and iPod, Watch OS 6 for (yep, you’ve guessed it) Apple Watch, as well as macOS 10.15 for its …

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Apple Mac Pro (2019): Specs, Features, Release Date

At its annual developers’ conference on Monday, Apple finally delivered what the designers, photographers, video editors, and other pro-grade creatives who grew up using the company’s machines have been waiting for: multiple references to the progressive rock band Rush. Sadly, this news was soon overshadowed by the insanely powerful new Mac Pro.

Pity the unfaithful who gave up on the long-neglected previous version of the Mac Pro and bought the recently upgraded iMac instead, because Apple has finally created Mac Pro worthy of the name. The look of the computer also harkens back to the design language used on the Mac Pro from two generations ago, which means that yes, Apple’s top machine once again looks like a huge cheese grater.

WWDC keynotes usually shun specs, but Apple peppered its on-stage routine with stats and figures for the announcement of the new desktop computer, touting the details of graphics [...]  read more

iOS 13 isn’t coming to the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPad Air

The move leaves the iPhone SE, 6S and 6S Plus as the oldest handsets to support iOS 13. In truth, it was somewhat surprising that Apple supported iOS 12 on the 5S in particular, given the device’s age, though that version of the OS was more of a performance upgrade. Still, the 5S, 6 and 6 Plus will miss out on the likes of a system-wide dark mode and Apple’s own swipeable keyboard, among other iOS 13 features.

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iPadOS: iPads get their own operating system

During the WWDC 2019 keynote, Apple confirmed that iPads will be ditching iOS for a distinct operating system. They’re calling it…iPadOS.

While the name isn’t too surprising, it’s clear Apple wants to distinguish the tablet experience from mobile phone, which should be exciting to both developers and iPad owners. It “builds on the same foundation as iOS,” per Apple’s announcement post, but expect it to grow more into its own OS in time.

iPadOS brings small but critical improvements in the tablet UI, both in making better use of screen real estate and by introducing new gesture controls. In short: iPad users won’t just run an upsized iOS anymore.

The first new change is pretty representative: a new layout that shows more apps on each page. Gone is the era of excessive dead space between all your app icons. 

That makes room for Today View, which can be added to the Home screen for quick access to widgets. Swipe to the side and you’ll [...]  read more

Is your event strategy paying off? How to calculate your event ROI

Sarah Shewey is the Founder & CEO of Happily, a platform that rapidly assembles experiences for the fastest growing brands in the world with the largest network of freelance event producers. She is also the co-founder of TEDActive, the founder of EXP, a co-founder of The Margin, and the board president of dublab.


p id=”speakable-summary”>Events have increasingly become an important channel in the marketing mix, despite how notoriously “impossible” it is to measure the ROI, or return on investment. When people show up to your event, they are willingly giving you their attention for hours on end – not trying to avoid attention-grabbing ads.

A well produced experience provides a great way to reach outside of your existing networks, build a pipeline of new customers, transform existing customers into superfans, and position your brand as a thought leader. In 2017, only 7% of marketers said that events were their most important marketing channel. Last year, that number rose to 41% according to a survey done by Bizzabo.

As the founder of Happily, the largest network of event producers in the United States, I’ve had backstage access to thousands of events – some wildly successful like TED and others that didn’t ever get traction in building an engaged community.

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Star Wars News: Meet the New New Class of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

Hello, and welcome to a new edition of Cantina Talk, WIRED’s look at everything happening in the world of Star Wars. If you’ve not already read it, open up another tab immediately and bookmark this oral history of Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace, because, really, there are some droids in there you’ve probably been …

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Apple Kills iTunes. Let’s Pay Our Respects

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple executive Craig Federhigi made it official: iTunes is dead, split in the upcoming version of macOS into separate Music, Podcast, and TV apps. In truth, the much-maligned media player had already been buried years ago, crushed by nearly two decades of cruft. But hating on iTunes at this point makes for cheap sport; WIRED’s been at it since at least 2008. It seems more fitting, at the time of its demise, to consider its powerful legacy.

In January 2001, at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Steve Jobs described a tectonic shift in the types of devices people use, and how they interact with them. “We think the PC is on the threshold of entering its third great age. And that age is the age of digital lifestyle. And that’s being driven by an explosion of new digital devices,” said Jobs. “We believe the PC, or more importantly [...]  read more

Milano, tenta il suicidio sotto il metrò a Rovereto: passeggeri feriti, linea interrotta per tre ore

Ha deciso di togliersi la vita lanciandosi sotto un treno della metropolitana, e così facendo ha messo a rischio anche le vite altrui, perché la brusca frenata del macchinista ha provocato la caduta e il ferimento di alcuni passeggeri. È accaduto lunedì pomeriggio alla stazione Rovereto della linea 1 della metropolitana di Milano. Alle 14.30 circa una donna di 47 anni si è gettata sotto il treno. La circolazione della linea rossa è stata interrotta tra le stazioni di Villa San Giovanni e Palestro. Terminati i soccorsi per la 47enne, deceduta poco dopo, e per i passeggeri caduti a bordo del treno, che hanno riportato contusioni, la circolazione è ripresa gradualmente a partire dalle 17.30.

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Tentato suicidio in metropolitana, passeggeri feriti

Durante le tre ore di intervento, Atm ha istituito in superficie un collegamento sostitutivo con bus nella tratta interrotta e predisposto assistenti alla clientela per indicare ai passeggeri le modalità alternative di viaggio.

3 giugno 2019 | 16:51


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