macOS Catalina release date, news and features

Apple has finally pulled the curtain back on macOS 10.15, officially named macOS Catalina. The company made the news via its live keynote address at its WWDC 2019 conference in San Jose, California.

The company’s head of software Craig Federighi showed off the new name and look for macOS during the keynote, confirming that this version will kill off iTunes in lieu of new apps for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. Each of these new macOS versions of the apps gain enhanced features that aren’t available in the existing versions running on other devices. 

This new version of Apple’s Mac operating system (OS) also brings forth Sidecar, a new built-in tool for using an iPad as a secondary display for your Mac or MacBook device. This feature works both wired and wirelessly.

Apple has also introduced a new feature solely for developers known as “Project Catalyst,” which will allow them to seamlessly port their iOS [...]  read more

‘Chernobyl’: 2019 Needed a Hit This Bleak

Animals are dying in droves across the globe. It’s 123 degrees in India. US politics are a garbage fire. Diseases eradicated by science have been reanimated by ignorance. Technology meant to unite people has divided them instead.

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But, hey, at least we’re not dealing with a nuclear meltdown! On Monday nights for the past 5 weeks, 6 million people cumulatively have tuned in to watch HBO’s Chernobyl, which by some estimates is now the highest-rated show ever to air on television. (Though as we know, aggregated online ratings are not exactly unimpeachable.) By any measure, though, Chernobyl is a hit.

It’s not a feel-good hit. Faces melt. Babies die. A litter of puppies is murdered. All of Europe and Asia face annihilation. Every tree swaying beautifully in the breeze spreads [...]  read more

KickSat-2 project launches 105 cracker-sized satellites

Move over, Starlink. SpaceX’s global internet play might have caught the world’s attention with its 60-satellite launch last month, but little did we know that it had already been upstaged — at least in terms of sheer numbers. The KickSat-2 project put 105 tiny “femtosats” into space at once months earlier, the culmination of a years-long project begun by a grad student.

KickSat-2 was the second attempt by Zac Manchester, now a professor at Stanford, to test what he believes is an important piece of the coming new space economy: ultra-tiny satellites.

Sure, the 4-inch Cubesat standard is small… and craft like Swarm Technologies’ SpaceBEEs are even smaller. But the satellites tested by Manchester are tiny. We’re talking Triscuit size here — perhaps Wheat Thin, or even Cheez-It.

The KickSat project started back in 2011, when Manchester and his colleagues did a Kickstarter to raise [...]  read more

A $999 monitor stand is everything wrong with Apple today

And even though the MacBook Pro is Apple’s premium notebook line, the only ports you’ll find on it are USB-C and a headphone jack. There aren’t any memory card slots that pro users actually need, and you can forget about HDMI and Ethernet. Apple expects you to rely on dongles entirely. Meanwhile, Windows PC makers like Dell and Lenovo are crafting sleek machines that somehow manage to fit in those ports. While there’s an aesthetic simplicity to sticking with USB-C, is that really worth making life more difficult for a large segment of your customers?

iPad Pro

Apple’s emphasis on design over usefulness is exemplified by the iPad Pro, one of the most attractive devices the company has ever made, but also one that’s been held back severely by iOS. The company’s mobile OS was just fine when the iPad was being positioned as more of a consumption device. But its clunky multitasking and lack of a genuine file system makes it difficult to treat the iPad Pro [...]  read more