AdHawk raises $13M as it expands into the flooring industry

Why is an adtech startup going after the flooring industry?

That was my big question when I got on the phone with AdHawk CEO Todd Saunders and COO Dan Pratt. The company announced earlier this week that it’s raised a $13 million Series B round of funding in conjunction with the launch of a new website, FlooringStores.

“We look at AdHawk as the umbrella company,” Saunders explained. “Our core is a digital marketing company that’s built very strong machine learning. Now FloorForce is the brand we’re using to go after with the flooring vertical.”

FloorForce is actually a recent AdHawk acquisition, offering a variety of digital services for flooring companies — not just AdHawk’s specialty of Facebook and Google advertising, but also website building, reputation management and chatbots. FlooringStores, meanwhile, is the consumer-facing side of the business, a website where homeowners looking for flooring services can browse different providers


Saunders said FloorForce’s [...]  read more

2019’s Top Contenders for the Song of Summer

We have entered that restless season of pop maximalism, the post–Memorial Day sprint to chart ubiquity—what will reign as 2019’s Song of Summer? Today, even as the music industry moves beyond its decaying center—the result of ferocious, enterprising work from artists like Tierra Whack, Solange, and Bad Bunny—summer remains a period of deep singularity. It …

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What can macOS Catalina tell us about the next MacBook Pro?

Apple’s latest operating system for Macs, macOS Catalina, is not only exciting for owners of current Mac computers – it could hold big hints for the next major MacBook Pro

That is, the rumored MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display, not the first MacBook Pro with an 8-core processor that just launched in May 2019. All eyes are looking toward the revamp, not the refresh.

There are a few major features coming to Macs via macOS 10.15 Catalina that give us a solid idea of what to expect (read: hope for) from the next MacBook Pro. Here are three major themes we’re seeing put forth in macOS Catalina that could – and should – be improved with the next MacBook Pro.

macbook pro gaming

The MacBook Pro running Asphalt 9: Legends. (Image Credit: Apple)

A much better MacBook Pro for gaming

While nothing that Apple has explicitly said regarding macOS Catalina has us thinking of the next MacBook Pro as a gaming laptop, it’s the combination of Project Catalyst and Apple’s deepening relationship with graphics processor (GPU) maker AMD that drives our expectations.

First, Project Catalyst will see a hopeful [...]  read more

EA apologizes after ‘Battlefield V’ miscast a real-life antifascist

The company didn’t help matters, though, by simultaneously denying that Franke is a Nazi. He’s just “a German soldier” similar to other characters in the game, a spokesperson said, maintaining that the company is “not making any political statements” relating to World War II. That’s a dubious claim, though. The character is not only wearing an outfit that suggests Nazi affiliation, but is shown in a trailer (below) acting with a cruelty associated with the far-right regime. While it’s true that some German veterans of the war stressed they weren’t Nazis, this character isn’t exactly a reluctant participant.

The statement continues an odd trend of game developers insisting their games are apolitical when the content is anything but. EA previously made similar statements about a tank crew in BFV‘s first add-on, while Sledgehammer’s [...]  read more

A Push to Protect Campaigns from Hackers Hits an FEC Roadblock

Campaign finance laws prohibit businesses and even many nonprofits from directly contributing to political campaigns. They can’t even send pizza. Now, the United States Federal Election Commission may apply the same laws to block a cybersecurity firm from offering free or low cost defense services to campaigns, at a time when those protections are badly needed.

During the 2016 US presidential election, Russian hackers not only threatened election networks and voting systems, but wreaked havoc by targeting campaigns and political parties, particularly the Democratic National Committee, and leaking troves of sensitive data. The events showed the importance of implementing defenses against hacks like phishing, network intrusions, and denial of service [...]  read more

Uber is finally trading above its IPO price

Uber (NYSE: UBER) closed up 5% Wednesday at $45 per share, trading for the first time since its May 10 debut at its initial public offering price.

The boost comes one day after the quiet period for the dozens of investment banks that underwrote Uber’s IPO came to an end. Which is to say, Uber’s stock price is trading up now that several buy ratings and positive analyst reports were released this week.

Uber raised $8.1 billion in its early May float, achieving an initial market cap of roughly $70 billion. Uber’s IPO was deemed a failure by many, after its share price failed to pop on its first day of trading, opening at a meager $42 apiece. Uber was previously valued at $72 billion by venture capitalists after raising billions of dollars in a 10-year period.

In the last four weeks, Uber’s stock price has remained relatively stable, however, hovering between $40 and $43 per share.

In his first analyst note on the company, Raymond James analyst Justin Patterson wrote that Uber would [...]  read more

Milano, segregata dal fidanzato violento fugge nuda dalla finestra e cade

È rimasta segregata da sabato scorso fino a ieri, per quattro giorni, e martedì sera si è buttata dalla finestra di un appartamento a Milano per salvarsi, approfittando di un attimo di distrazione del suo fidanzato-sequestratore: è l’agghiacciante racconto alla polizia di una 26enne italiana, vittima delle sevizie del fidanzato G. O., 40 anni, arrestato dalla polizia. L’uomo era già stato assolto nel gennaio 2018 per fatti simili perché considerato incapace di intendere e di volere. Quattro anni fa aveva conosciuto la sua attuale fidanzata. La ragazza ha detto che per i primi tre anni, anche in virtù della cura farmacologica, l’uomo era stato pacifico, ma dallo scorso marzo erano iniziate le aggressioni.

Il primo pestaggio

La 26enne ha vissuto quattro giorni di terrore, seguendo il ritmo altalenante degli scompensi psichici del fidanzato. Poiché la relazione era osteggiata dai genitori, sabato mattina la ragazza ha detto loro che sarebbe uscita con un amico: invece [...]  read more