Score a massive 73% discount on this VPN deal thanks to Father’s Day

If you’re looking for a cheap VPN deal, then you’re in luck. Starting today through to Father’s Day next Sunday, you can save up to a massive 73% on IPVanish plans. It’s a fantastic promotion, and means that you can get online protection and all the other perks a VPN affords for an effective monthly …

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Chef Julien Royer's restaurant in the sky

Air France serves dishes created in homage to the late Joel Robuchon in First … My only regret is that I cannot visit Royer's restaurant in the sky again.
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19 Best PS4 Games Every Player Should Try (2019)

Three years after release, Overwatch is still one of the most popular games to hit PS4. It even has a professional esports league build around it, and for good reason: It’s a game that has managed to capture some of the character-based zaniness of something like Super Smash Bros. while adding in addictive team-based play. Every character has unique skills and weapons, and every match has a different goal, like capturing a flag or guiding a tank through a map to safety. Blizzard continually adds new characters, maps, and modes, making it as good a time as ever to jump in and be a hero.
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A16Z interview, 5G, Peloton, handling Big Tech issues, and offering better benefits

Unraveling the “Secrets of Sand Hill Road” and the VC thought process, with Andreessen Horowitz’s Scott Kupor

Our Silicon Valley editor Connie Loizos hosted an Extra Crunch live conference call with Andreessen Horowitz GP Scott Kupor, who manages all ops for the firm and was formerly head of the National Venture Capital Association. He just published a new book entitled “Secrets of Sand Hill Road” which is a guide to the venture capital industry and how to attract the attention of VCs to your startup.

This was our most popular conference call so far, and it was great to see so many people coming out to chat with Scott. In case you missed it, we have published the full transcript for Extra Crunch members.

Connie: Talking about demystifying venture capital, you’ve been with Andreessen Horowitz for roughly 10 years, pretty much from the outset of the firm. Can you tell us, beyond a warm introduction, what does it take to get a meeting at Andreessen Horowitz? What do you start looking for on paper?

Scott: What we’re really looking for is a couple of things. First, we always [...]  read more

Quarterbacks at the ready: Madden 20 beta is coming June 14

Madden NFL 20’s first closed beta is going live on June 14 and will last through June 16, giving football fans a hands-on with the next game in the franchise ahead of the game’s full release on August 2.

Just a heads up for all the football fans out there: EA Play attendees can get access if they stop by the Madden booth, but everyone else will have to find codes as they’re sent out on EA and Madden social media accounts from June 10 to June 14, according to EA’s blog post.

What’s playable in the beta? Everything but fan-favorite Madden Ultimate Team and the new solo mode, Face of the Franchise: QB1 Campaign, which replaces the Longshot mode from the previous two games. You’ll only be able to play with a quintet of powerful teams: Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, and New Orleans Saints.

(And sadly, any progress made in the beta won’t carry over to the full game.)

 What’s new in Madden 20? 

Aside from Face of the Franchise and an expanded Madden Ultimate Team, there are still [...]  read more

Hulu will stream the first three ‘Veronica Mars’ seasons on July 1st

Hulu had promised that it would bring existing Veronica Mars content to the service alongside the eight-episode new season, including the movie, but hadn’t outlined when any of that would happen. It still hasn’t said when the movie would appear, but this is clearly happy news if you’re fond of Kristen Bell’s adventures.

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The Morning After: FedEx Express kicks Amazon to the curb

That's about all of the time you have to recover from Apple's WWDC 2019 … the factory are open to all Tesla owners and support speeds of up to 250kW. … Amazon showed off the latest design for its delivery drone that the company …
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