‘Orphan Black’ is returning as a ten-episode audiobook series

Orphan Black: The Next Chapter takes place eight years after the end of the show and includes many of the same characters. Maslany will once again play the various clones she portrayed in the TV show.

Plot details are scant so far, though Serial Box and production company Temple Street Productions say will partly center on the relationship between Cosima (Maslany) and Delphine (Évelyne Brochu). The first episode will be free, and the others will cost $2 each. You can probably expect a season pass to be available too, which Serial Box typically sells for around $14 for its audiobook seasons.

That’s not the only Orphan Black project fans have to look forward to. It emerged earlier this year Temple Street is in the early stages of developing a spin-off set in the same world with AMC.

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Tesla’s in-car touchscreens are getting YouTube support

Tesla has consistently been adding software to its in-car touchscreen infotainment displays – including sometimes things that probably leave a lot of people scratching their heads. During a special Q&A today at annual gaming event E3 in LA, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that Tesla’s in-car display will support YouTube someday soon.

This isn’t the first time that the Tesla CEO has suggested YouTube might one day have a home in the company’s cars: In response to a fan’s question on Twitter last August he noted that ‘version 10’ of the company’s in-car software would provide support for third-party video streaming. The company debuted its ‘Software Version 9.0’ last year.

Musk specifically said YouTube would be coming to cars during the E3 event today, at which he revealed that Bethesda’s Fallout 3 would be coming to the infotainment displays, and unveiled a demo video of Android game Beach Buggy Racer running on a display in a Tesla Model 3.

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Salvini: «Sì alla festa degli interisti». Sala: «Ok, ma solo se garantisce lui»

Alla fine la festa per i 50 anni della Curva Nord dell’Inter è diventata un caso politico nazionale. Con un botta e risposta polemico tra il ministro dell’Interno, Matteo Salvini, e il sindaco Beppe Sala. Il tema del contendere è la location dell’evento chiesta dai tifosi nerazzurri: i Giardini Montanelli. Prima concessi dal Comune di Milano e poi negati perché «l’iniziativa è incompatibile con la funzione del parco e potenzialmente pericolosa per l’ordine pubblico». A riaprire la partita ci ha pensato il leader leghista che, a sorpresa, ha smentito Palazzo Marino dicendo che «il Viminale è certo di poter garantire l’ordine pubblico. Anche [...]  read more

Bluetooth device suddenly not working with Windows 10? This might be why

Bluetooth has become an incredibly popular tool for connecting devices, whether it’s the best smartwatches or the best wireless headphones. But, not all Bluetooth devices are created equal, and a new security update from Microsoft may break Bluetooth connection for some devices on Windows 10. 

The new security update arrives in a number of Windows cumulative updates, including the update for June 2019. But, it goes beyond that, so it won’t just be computers getting the latest major update that are affected. The security update and Bluetooth changes will effect Machines running even Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 12, as discovered by Windows Latest

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