CapitalG co-founder introduces $175M early-stage venture fund

Valo Ventures, a new firm focused on social, economic and environmental megatrends, has closed on $175 million for its debut venture capital fund.

The effort is led by Scott Tierney, a co-founder of Alphabet’s growth investing unit CapitalG, as well as Mona ElNaggar, a former managing director of TIFF Investment Management and Julia Brady, who previously worked as a director at The Via Agency, a communications workshop.

Google is like being a kid in a candy store,” Tierney tells TechCrunch. “It’s a great place to be. For me, I thought, ‘alright, I’ve been here for seven years, I have this opportunity to create my own fund and be more entrepreneurial and take all the learnings I was fortunate to have inside of Google and apply them.’ ”

Tierney joined Google in 2011 as a director of corporate development after five years as a managing director at Steelpoint Capital Partners. In 2013, he co-founded CapitalG, where he served as a partner for the next two years. He completed [...]  read more

Clockwise nabs $11M Series A to make your calendar smarter

Almost every organization, regardless of size, is inundated with meetings, so much so it’s often hard to find dedicated time do actual work. Clockwise wants to change that by bringing machine learning to the calendar to help employees free up time. Today, it announced an $11 million Series A investment, and made the product, which …

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Best iOS office apps for your iPhone or iPad

Best office apps for iOS

Apple iPhones and iPads have become an integral part of many modern businesses. 

With native apps and web apps for mobile devices available across the range of productivity and creativity applications, as well as easy accessibility for Software as a Service (SaaS), mobile Apple devices have established their place in the office.

However, despite the number of integrated apps, there are still a wide range of individual apps that can be valuable to have for general office duties. 

For example, productivity suites for dealing with documents and spreadsheets still form the core of office work, plus there are a variety of related services available as apps to support that role, not least for document scanning and printing. 

There is such a huge volume of different apps for similar purposes available in the Apple AppStore, however, that it can be difficult to sift through which ones may be the most important.

We aim to make that decision easier for you, by listing the best in iOS [...]  read more

Stunning Photographs Created With a Flashlight Lightsaber

Light painting saved Denis Smith’s life. A decade ago the native New Zealander was working as a Xerox salesman in Auckland, earning more than $300,000 a year but blowing it all on fast cars, expensive cigars, and copious quantities of alcohol. “I was killing myself working, trying to sustain that lifestyle,” Smith says. “It developed into an overwhelming sense of fear and depression.”

Smith and his wife resolved to make a clean break. They sold their house, cars, and most of their belongings and moved to Adelaide, Australia. Deciding he needed a hobby, Smith bought his first camera and began taking photographs during long walks through the wild Barossa Valley near their home. “I thought I was Ansel Adams,” Smith recalls, “but then I joined a few Flickr groups focused the Barossa Valley and realized that so many other people had taken exactly the same photos.”

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Pedofilia, si finge bambina su WhatsApp e abusa di tre ragazzine per tre anni: arrestato

Un uomo di 50 anni che utilizzava in modo massiccio WhatsApp e che, grazie a un profilo falso da «bambina», ha abusato per tre anni di tre ragazzine tra gli 11 e i 13 anni, è stato arrestato grazie a un’insegnante che, attraverso il rapporto di fiducia con un’alunna, ha ottenuto le sue confidenze. L’uomo, residente in provincia di Lodi, è incensurato e soffre da tempo di problemi psicologici (slegati, però, dalla perversione della pedofilia). Secondo l’accusa attirava in casa sua le ragazzine utilizzando il falso profilo, le costringeva a rapporti sessuali con lui e tra di loro e imponeva loro di tornare, sotto costante minaccia di pubblicare online foto e video realizzati durante le violenze. Ora si trova in carcere a Milano. Le accuse: produzione e detenzione di materiale pedopornografico, violenza sessuale e corruzione di minorenni. Lo hanno riferito i militari del Comando provinciale di Lodi. L’uomo è stato arrestato su ordinanza di custodia [...]  read more

More tickets available to the 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party

Get ready for summer in the city, TechCrunch-style. We just released a fresh batch of tickets to the 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party. Available on a first-come, first-served basis, tickets to our popular event sell out quickly, and they’ll be gone before you know it. Don’t wait — buy your ticket today.

Join us for TechCrunch’s fabulous summer fete at Park Chalet — San Francisco’s coastal beer garden — where you can enjoy ocean views, refreshing drinks and delicious appetizers. It’s a wonderful way to relax and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit with more than 1,000 members of the startup community.

It’s also a wonderful way to meet your next investor, co-founder or — who knows? You’ll find startup magic in between the drinks, the games, the food and the fun. Opportunity happens at TechCrunch parties.

Check out the party particulars:

  • When: July 25 from 5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
  • Where: Park Chalet in San Francisco
  • How much: $95

Come and join the summer fun. Connect with community and opportunity. As always, you’ll have a chance to win great door prizes [...]  read more

The Morning After: ‘Pokémon Go’ cheaters never prosper

It might be your best chance to get the EV you want.Tesla starts selling used Model 3 cars online The EV maker has started selling used Model 3s online in the San Francisco Bay Area, and some of them are potentially good deals (if not as good as you often see with used cars). There’s …

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What is an IP address?

Getting online is generally very easy these days. There’s no real need for any technical expertise, just turn on your device and you’re typically connected right away.

If you’re not a networking geek, this simplicity will probably appeal, as it means you’re not forced to get involved with low-level details like protocols, packets and ports.

But it does pay to learn more about a few networking concepts, and the IP address comes top of the list. Although it involves exploring a few technical ideas, there’s nothing that even the greenest of network novices won’t be able to figure out. And once you do have that basic understanding, you’ll find new ways to improve your privacy and security, as well as being better able to troubleshoot any connection problems you might have in future.


The internet is a huge network of devices, ranging from the routers, PCs, mobiles and tablets you might have in your home, to the web servers and top-of-the-range computing [...]  read more