Sandvik created the world’s first 3D-printed diamond composite

Ask most people what words they associate with diamonds, and they’ll say “proposal”, “love”, “down on one knee” or “three months’ salary”.  But if you work in the mining industry—or if you’re a huge Minecraft nerd—diamond takes on a different meaning entirely. It’s the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth, much more durable than common …

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This $99 AirPower knockoff is available for order now

There are a number of key differences between Apple’s AirPower and lookalike knockoff, AirUnleashed. The most pertinent one, however, is that one of the two is actually available for purchase.

Apple gave up the AirPower ghost back in March, after having gone silent on the product for some time, citing an inability to “achieve [its] high standards.” The company released little additional information, but most reports came down to engineering problems with densely packed charging coils that could ultimately have caused the product to overheat.

Plenty of companies were no doubt planning their own off-brand take on the product, but Apple’s decision to pull out of the category ahead of launch has opened an AirPower-sized hole in the wireless charging mat market. And there are plenty of products waiting in the wings to fill it.

AirUnleashed is pretty shameless in its approach, right down to a minimalist white box that takes more than a few cues from the Cupertino design department. [...]  read more

Incendio in un’azienda di vernici: allerta per la colonna di fumo nero

Un vasto incendio è divampato martedì, attorno alle 17.30, in una ditta chimica di Motta Visconti, la Samixcolor, che produce inchiostri e vernici. Lo stabilimento ha sede in via don Minzoni. A seguito del rogo, si è sviluppata una colonna di fumo nero visibile anche a una ventina di chilometri di distanza. Le indagini sulle cause sono in corso, al lavoro le squadre dei Vigili del fuoco arrivate da Milano e Pavia. Al momento non risultano feriti. I medici del 118 – che ha inviato sul posto con l’elisoccorso, due ambulanze e l’automedica – hanno verificato le condizioni di tre uomini fra i 32 e i 61 anni, che presentavano i sintomi di una lieve intossicazione: per nessuno è stato necessario il ricovero in ospedale. Alle 18, invece, un’auto dei carabinieri di Abbiategrasso, diretta alla Samixcolor, a seguito di un tamponamento con un’altra vettura, una Kia, ha finito per schiantarsi contro un muro di cinta, in via Cristoforo Colombo. I [...]  read more

The Midwest’s Farms Face an Intense, Crop-Killing Future

The flooding that devastated the Midwest this spring damaged infrastructure and prevented farmers from getting crops planted on time. Though scientists can’t say if one storm or one wet season is the result of climate change, so far this year’s heavy rains are a perfect illustration of what scientific models of climate change predict for the region. And it’s only going to get more intense.

Those models warn that it’s going to get hotter, and that rain will continue to arrive in increasingly intense spring bursts, leaving long dry patches in the summer. “We’re fighting it at both ends in the Midwest right now. Too much too early and not enough late,” says Evan DeLucia, a professor of plant biology at the University of Illinois.

During the summer, the Midwest will see drought conditions similar to what California, Greece, or Italy have. A mediterranean climate seems nice, as a concept: temperate winters and warm, dry summers, guaranteed to get you an even tan. [...]  read more

Here’s what experts say mobile gaming will look like in 2020

Even though mobile gaming has a ways to go before it’s just like playing on a desktop or console, it’s inching closer every year – and it might grow in leaps and bounds in 2020. 

Why? AAA publishers are getting good at translating their AAA franchises to mobile, but the onset of 5G and cloud gaming could elevate mobile gaming across the board.

At E3 2019, we talked to publishers, game developers and phonemakers about their products and projects to get a hint at what’s coming for mobile gaming in 2020. 

The top-level observations aren’t too surprising: the dependable recipe for success is to make new titles from old but well-known IPs or craft mobile versions of already-popular desktop/console franchises. With so many games out there, new titles have to be platform-savvy and a bit tailored to their audience’s regional tastes.

Overall, mobile gaming in the next year will slowly iterate on lessons learned – but the industry is also looking ahead [...]  read more

VidAngel ordered to pay $62.4M for copyright infringement

The VidAngel story seemingly ended in late 2017 when it declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But the bad news wasn’t over for streaming service, which promised to edit all of the dirty bits out of other people’s films.

This week a federal jury in California ordered the Provo, Utah-based startup to pay $62.4 million to studios over copyright infringement. That amounts to $75,000 per film, paid out to studios including Disney and Warner Bros.

“The jury today found that VidAngel acted willfully,” the studios said in a statement issued after the ruling, “and imposed a damages award that sends a clear message to others who would attempt to profit from unlawful infringing conduct at the expense of the creative community.”

VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon is naturally not thrilled with this latest bit of bad news for a site purporting to offer sanitized versions of popular films. The executive promised to fight back with an appeal.

“We disagree with today’s ruling and have not lessened our resolve [...]  read more