Laglio, la famiglia Obama ospite dei Clooney: sabato l’arrivo a Malpensa

Una Laglio ormai blindata è pronta ad accogliere l’ex presidente degli Stati Uniti Barack Obama, che con moglie e figlie sarà ospite da sabato pomeriggio a lunedì a Villa Oleandra, la residenza di George Clooney. L’attore e regista e la moglie Amal, con i figli gemelli di due anni Alexander ed Ella, sono già da qualche giorno nella loro residenza affacciata sul lago e sono stati già «paparazzati» al ristorante «Gatto Nero» di Cernobbio, uno dei preferiti dal divo hollywoodiano. Ma se sul Lario ormai da anni non è più una novità la presenza di Clooney, l’attesa ora è tutta per la visita dell’ex inquilino della Casa Bianca. Un ospite d’eccezione per il quale è stato attivato un protocollo di massima sicurezza con il coinvolgimento di tutte le forze dell’ordine.

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Villa Oleandra, residenza Clooney

La famiglia dell’ex presidente dovrebbe atterrare a Malpensa con un volo privato alle 12 di sabato, quindi si trasferirà a casa dell’amico George, dove dovrebbe [...]  read more

Gadget Lab Podcast: Genius Versus Google Explained

If you thought an internet giant stole your hard work and claimed it as their own, how would you ever prove it? Well, what if you could booby trap the information first? On this spine-tingling episode of the Gadget Lab podcast, Mike, Arielle, and Lauren talk with WIRED’s Emily Dreyfuss about how the tension between Google and song lyric service Genius could become much more than just a copyright dispute. Also in the news, Apple takes a hit with a recall of the MacBook Pro and GE catches some delayed internet ridicule over a video about light bulbs. Also, the gang considers switching formats to become an ASMR podcast.

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p class=”paywall”>Read more from Emily about the Google-Genius dispute here. Soothe your senses with Arielle’s story about ASMR. Read Lauren’s analysis of the latest woes of the MacBook [...]  read more

Google Pay expands its integration with PayPal to online merchants

Google and PayPal have been strategic partners for some time. The companies in 2017 announced that PayPal would become a payment method in Android Pay, the service that later rebranded as Google Pay. Last year, users who added PayPal as a payment method on Google Pay could then pay for services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Play and Google Store purchases via a PayPal option in Google Pay. Now, a similar integration is making its way to online merchants who accept Google Pay on their website or mobile app.

Explains Google, hundreds of millions of customers already have payment methods saved to their Google Account — including, in some cases, PayPal, thanks to the 2018 integration.

With this expanded integration, merchants can opt to enable PayPal as a payment method in their own Google Pay integration — something that’s easily done if Google Pay has already been implemented on their site. All that’s required is only a small code change to the list of allowed payment methods (see [...]  read more

Europa e tasse alleati contro

Di Maio"Abbiamo ottime probabilità di evitare le sanzioni". Salvini "O le tasse scendono per 10 miliardi o me ne vado". Opposizioni, governo alla frutta.
by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit

Huawei exec: the foldable Mate X with Android intact to launch by September

The foldable Huawei Mate X is still coming and we know when it’ll launch: September or sooner, according to a Huawei executive who spoke to TechRadar this week.

“It’s coming in September – at the latest,” said Vincent Pang, President of Huawei’s Western European Region, while visiting New York City. “Probably earlier, but definitely September is guaranteed.”

Where will the Huawei Mate X launch? “Any country that has 5G,” Pang told us, making sure to remind us that Huawei’s foldable phone is a 5G phone

This was likely stressed because the Samsung Galaxy Fold launched with a 4G LTE version (before ultimately being recalled), with a 5G version only spoken about once and never officially priced.

Of course, Pang’s “any country that has 5G” comment comes with a caveat. The Mate X isn’t coming to the US, which is no surprise given the Huawei ban in the US

Surprise: it’ll still run Android at launch

We got more hands-on time with the Huawei [...]  read more

What money should be

Nik Milanovic is a fintech and financial inclusion enthusiast, with a decade of work across mobile payments, online lending, credit and microfinance.

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With the release of the Facebook consortium’s project Libra whitepaper, the internet, tech world, financial services industry and policy circles are all burning with conversation on the project’s potential. We are still very early into Libra’s life — it is, after all, still a proposal — and there is an endless set of questions left to answer. The project could redefine how we view money or it could be a complete failure; we won’t know which for years to come.

While there isn’t much to add to the (likely thousands) of pundit takes on the project until more details come out, this moment does provide us with an opportunity to step back and take a look at money itself. We should be asking ourselves: how does money work today and how should it work?

Money is an anachronistically analog part of everyday life. The last 25 [...]  read more