Hackers Used Two Firefox Zero Days to Hit a Crypto Exchange

The week began with a tricky Google Calendar phishing scam, and ended with Iran ramping up its cyberattacks against the US, as talk of war with that nation mounts. That, as they say, escalated quickly. Before things took a turn for the geopolitical, we walked you through a dead simple way to stop data breaches …

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Gli Obama arrivati sul Lago di Como Inizia il weekend ospiti da Clooney

Un volo executive che atterra ai privati di Malpensa. Un percorso preferenziale per evitate il traffico sull’Autolaghi del weekend. Sette auto in corteo, i vetri oscurati. Altre sei di scorta, i lampeggianti accesi. Un furgone bianco al seguito, coi bagagli. Un elicottero a sorvolare ogni trasferimento. Per essere un’ ex famiglia presidenziale, gli Obamas viaggiano ancora come ai bei tempi della Casa Bianca, o poco meno. Alle 14,33, in silenzio e con discrezione, a Villa Oleandra arrivano gli ospiti di George Clooney e signora Amal. Ha tuonato. È piovuto pesante. Non ci sono stati problemi d’atterraggio, ma qualche pensiero si. Un fulmine è piombato sull’isola Comacina e qualcuno ha temuto anche per i fuochi d’artificio di stasera. “La maledizione di Trump”,la battuta. All’ora dell’ingresso in Laglio, però, ecco il sole. E un sospiro di sollievo per l’attore che soggiorna qui da 15 anni, e sa bene quanto noiosi possano essere i fine settimana [...]  read more

Best medical alert systems of 2019

Best medical alert systems

From 2012 to 2050, the number of US citizens over 65 years of age will almost double from just over 43 million to nearly 84 million according to the United States Census Bureau. While the baby boomers can expect an increased life expectancy for enjoying retirement, most will also want to preserve their independence for as long as possible, not least by remaining in the family home. 

Even so, the National Council on Aging reports that: “Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans.” However, medical alert systems can help safeguard and protect the health and security of older citizens through the miracle of modern digital technology. Providing a virtual electronic safety net, help can be just a button push away. 

Medical alert systems can come in all different shapes and sizes to suit personal preferences, too. There are options such as wall-mounted units with wireless monitoring, pendants to wear, even health monitors that can be [...]  read more

15 Best Tech Deals Now: ThinkGeek Sale, Apple Watch, and More

If you live north of the equator, you just lived through the summer solstice on June 21. But don’t worry—even if you didn’t get to see nearly 24 straight daylight hours in Alaska, or dance the day away at Stonehenge, we still have plenty of reasons for you to celebrate. This weekend, we searched the web to find deals on everything from MacBooks to beach chairs and more.

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Everything at ThinkGeek is 50 Percent Off

Erica de la Vega

Your favorite place to pick up geeky birthday gifts for the Star Wars or Harry Potter fans in your life is shutting down and moving in with its parent company, GameStop. That means that through July 2, you have the opportunity to pick up anything at ThinkGeek for 50 percent off with the code MOVINGDAY applied at checkout, like this ThinkGeek exclusive poké ball waffle maker.

The Pokémon Poké Ball Waffle Maker costs $17 ($17 off).

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite goes live in Canada, Germany, and 23 other countries

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (think Pokémon GO, but with wands and giant spiders instead of pokéballs and Pikachus) officially launched earlier this week, but with a catch: it was only available in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why? Amongst other reasons, a country-by-country rollout helps Niantic ensure that their servers stay stable. By spreading the launch out over time, they’re (hopefully) able to figure out where potential server scaling issues might be before half the world is yelling on Twitter.

Niantic used a similar rollout strategy with Pokémon GO — even still, their servers had trouble staying up. The viral popularity of the game smashed headfirst into its unproven first draft network architecture, and outages were widespread for weeks. It was weeks before GO expanded beyond a handful of countries, with many places not getting the game for months.

Fortunately for any would-be wizards out there, it seems like HP:WU’s rollout will be a bit quicker. Two days after [...]  read more

Apple could be plotting to switch to OLED for its tablet and laptop displays

Your next iPad Pro or MacBook Pro could come with an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display attached, according to new reports from Asia. The primary reason? A shortfall in iPhone sales.

According to ETNews, Apple owes a penalty to Samsung for not buying as many iPhone displays as it promised to. Apparently, that penalty might be paid through future orders for tablet and laptop devices.

It’s not a rumor that’s come completely out of the blue – there had already been whispers that Apple would turn to OLED technology for the next round of iPad Pro devices and for the 16-inch MacBook Pro that is reportedly in development.

The most recent MacBook Pro bump was just last month, though it wasn’t a major revision. The last iPad Pro launch, meanwhile, was back in October, so we could be due new models before the end of the year.


OLED and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) take different approaches to screen tech, mostly [...]  read more