Public cloud suffering huge expectations gulf

A major expectation gap exists between what IT managers hoped the public cloud would deliver for their organizations and what has actually transpired according to new research from Cohesity.

The firm conducted a global survey of 900 senior IT decision makers to discover that nine out of 10 respondents across the UK believed that their journey to the cloud would simplify operations, increase agility, reduce costs and provide greater insight into their data. However, this hasn’t been the case and 95 percent believe it is because their data is greatly fragmented in and across public clouds which could make it nearly impossible to manage in the long run.

Vice president of products at Cohesity, Raj Rajamani explained how the public cloud can lead to greater data fragmentation, saying:

“While providing many needed benefits, the public cloud also greatly proliferates mass data fragmentation. We believe this is a key reason why 38 percent of respondents say their IT teams are [...]  read more

These Cities Will Track Scooters to Get a Handle on Regulation

It’s moving day for a controversial data standard that has pitted cities against some private transportation companies, like Uber and Lyft, that want to operate on their streets. Tuesday, 15 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, and Bogota, Colombia, said they’ve created a nonprofit called the “Open Mobility Foundation,” devoted to collecting, maintaining, and standardizing information about where shared vehicles—including cars, scooters, jet packs, and bicycles—are parked.

Aarian Marshall covers autonomous vehicles, transportation policy, and urban planning for WIRED.

The foundation will take control of the Mobility Data Standard, a digital tool created by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. LADOT has used the standard to solicit and organize information about shared scooters: where they’re parked, where they’re traveling, and whether they’re broken or charged. Cities can also use the tool to share information with the companies—about, say, special events in the area that might lead to an uptick in demand.

For [...]  read more

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Physics Tricks to Make Steph Curry’s Golf Show More Extreme

I couldn’t help myself: I had to check out the new ABC show Holey Moley, an extreme mini-golf show that has Steph Curry as its resident golf pro and one of its executive producers. It’s somewhere in between MXC (the Japanese show Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) and PGA golf. The holes are more crazy than …

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The changing nature of venture capital

Paul Asel is managing partner of NGP Capital and a global technology investor for more than 25 years. More posts by this contributor

SoftBank and Andreesen Horowitz (a16z) recently announced new funds that reinforce the increasing scale of the venture industry. SoftBank announced its intent to raise a second Vision Fund through a public offering, a first for any venture firm. A16z announced two new funds, an early-stage $750 million fund and a growth-stage $2 billion fund.

A16z is the latest firm to launch a family of funds, four in the past 18 months totaling $3.5 billion, including the earlier announced Bio and Crypto funds. A16z joins GGV, Lightspeed and Sequoia as firms that have raised families of funds that cover specific sectors, stages or countries. In the last 18 months, Sequoia has raised nine funds, with nearly $9 billion committed; Lightspeed four funds for nearly $3 billion; and GGV four funds with $1.8 billion.

These funds and others like them will change the nature of venture capital. Venture is no longer a cottage industry where partners sit around a conference table on Mondays meeting companies and [...]  read more

The cheese flavoured by wind

I was scheduled to travel to Pag, a barren, moonscape-like island off Croatia's northern Dalmatian coast, but the bridge was closed. Paški most – the …
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