Team studies drone strikes on airplanes by firing them into a wall at 500 MPH

Bird strikes are a very real danger to planes in flight, and consequently aircraft are required to undergo bird strike testing — but what about drones? With UAV interference at airports on the rise, drone strike testing may soon be likewise mandatory, and if it’s anything like what these German researchers are doing, it’ll involve shooting the craft out of air cannons at high speed.

The work being done at Fraunhofer EMI in Freiburg is meant to establish some basic parameters for how these things ought to be tested.

Bird strikes, for example, are tested by firing a frozen poultry bird like a chicken or turkey out of an air cannon. It’s not pretty, but it has to be done. Even so, it’s not a very good analogue to a drone strike.

“From a mechanical point of view, drones behave differently to birds and also weigh considerably more. It is therefore uncertain, whether an aircraft that has been successfully tested against bird strike, would also survive a collision with a drone,” [...]  read more

Surprise! Huawei Can Actually Innovate—and Win Fans

Huawei doesn’t leap to mind as an innovative company. In the US, the Chinese telecom giant is best known for the government’s national security concerns—and allegations that it stole intellectual property from companies like Cisco and Motorola.

Yet Huawei was the fifth-biggest research and development spender in the world in 2017, according to a European Union report. Its €11.3 billion ($12.9 billion) R&D spend that year outpaced Intel (€10.9 billion), Apple (€9.7 billion), and Nokia (€4.9 billion). Huawei claims its investments over the years have paid off in the form of 87,805 patents—11,152 of which were granted in the US.

Now Huawei is trying to turn those patents into cash. This month Reuters reported that Huawei wants Verizon to pay $1 billion to license 230 patents. It wouldn’t be the first time a company has paid Huawei for patent licenses. The company claims to have generated $1.4 billion in revenue from patent licensing since 2015.

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Video platform Kaltura adds advanced analytics

You may not be familiar with Kaltura‘s name, but chances are you’ve used the company’s video platform at some point or another, given that it offers a variety of video services for enterprises, educational institutions and video on demand platforms, including HBO,  Phillips, SAP, Stanford and others. Today, the company announced the launch of an advanced analytics platform for its enterprise and educational users.

This new platform, dubbed Kaltura Analytics for Admins, will provide its users with features like user-level reports. This may sound like a minor feature, since you probably don’t care about the exact details of a given user’s interactions with your video, but it will allow businesses to link this kind of behavior to other metrics. With this, you could measure the ROI of a given video by linking [...]  read more

Best database software in 2019

Best database software

The modern business world is built on information stored in databases. The challenge comes in using the right database with the right structure to hold the information you need, while being able to access that data easily. Of course, making a decision on this is not an easy process.

There are many different database platform options, all of which allow for the retrieval of datasets in different ways. And there are many different priorities that may affect the database architecture, whether it’s query speed, storage format, security or even integration issues.

Many people will be familiar with the basic set of columns and rows of a simple database, such as one made with Microsoft Access, but these days databases can be multi-layered, use different query languages, and work with different storage formats such as even XML.

The biggest concerns are likely to revolve around performance and the end-user experience. If business owners and employees struggle to get the information they need [...]  read more

You’ve Never Seen Skate Parks Like This Before

Photographer Amir Zaki grew up skating in Beaumont, California, but when he turned his camera on the skate parks of Southern California his interest was more in the parks than the skating.

“There’s a whole history of skateboard photography, but everything is focused on the performer,” Zaki says. “There are lots of photographers who do that, and they’re very good at it. But I wanted to do something different.”

To photograph empty skate parks, Zaki arrived around dawn, when the light was perfect for his visual aesthetic. “Skaters don’t wake up early,” he says.

After selecting a spot, usually deep inside the bowl of the park, he mounted his DSLR camera on a GigaPan motorized tripod head that allowed him to take dozens of high-resolution images that he later stitched together in postproduction.

The final images, several gigabytes each in size, can be printed as large as 60 by 75 inches without sacrificing detail.

The final images are [...]  read more

Legnano, lite in famiglia: uomo ucciso a coltellate, sotto accusa il figlio

Un uomo di 71 anni, Michele Campanella, è stato ucciso a coltellate nella sua casa di Legnano al culmine di una lite familiare. La moglie della vittima è rimasta lievemente ferita. È stato un operaio al lavoro in un cantiere nella palazzina di fronte a quella dell’abitazione di Campanella, in via Sante Giovannelli, a telefonare al 112 per dare l’allarme, erano le 10,20 circa. L’uomo, dopo aver udito grida provenire da un appartamento del palazzo di fonte al suo, si è affacciato e ha visto un uomo cadere sotto i colpi di un altro uomo, con un’arma da taglio in mano.
Legnano, uomo ucciso a coltellate dopo lite in famiglia: la scientifica nell’appartamentoL’aggressore, secondo la prima [...]  read more