ICANN lifts price caps on .org domains

The internet registration outfit ICANN has agreed to remove price restrictions on .org domain names despite community outcry over the move.

Now the manager of .org domains, Public Interest Registry, will be able to charge as much as it wants for these domains which are typically used by non-profits and other organizations. 

Afilias, which manages the .info domain, will be allowed to charge as much as it wants for .info domain names as well.

ICANN’s decision to lift the price cap on .org domain names goes against the fact that only six out of the over 3,000 comments it received on the issue were in favor of removing price caps.

Domain name price caps

There are currently 10m .org domains registered and these domains were registered under a system that prevented Public Interest Registry from increasing prices at will.

Now though, non-profits and other organizations that have been using their .org domains for years could face steep price increases.

However, Public Interest Registry’s management will [...]  read more

NCL Cancels July 5th Cruise on Norwegian Pearl from Rome

The cruise is advertised as a 13-Night Greek Isles & Italy from Rome (Civitavecchia) … Dubrovnik, Croatia; Corfu, Greece; Santorini, Greece, Mykonos, Greece; … NCl promises to refund the fare and any pre-booked excursion, but the …
social experiment by Livio Acerbo #greengroundit #travel #tours

Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ comes to Roblox ahead of its July 4 premiere

Netflix is bringing its hit TV show Stranger Things to Roblox. On Monday, Roblox announced the launch of limited-time, Stanger Things-themed items that will be made available to its over 90 million players, who can earn them by solving daily riddles and puzzles. Other free, limited-time items like a “Scoops Ahoy” hat and Demogorgon mask will also be offered as virtual items for players’ Roblox avatars.

The first of the two themed items are live now and will be free to download through July 12. Four more items can be unlocked by solving daily riddles and puzzles, with a new clue arriving each day ahead of the July 4 premiere of Stranger Things Season 3.

Roblox will also share clues across its social media accounts on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, it says.

What’s interesting about the Roblox integration is that it may reach children younger than those ages 14 and up — the ages that the series itself is rated for (TV-14). (Likely, some braver tweens are already [...]  read more

Google wants to open source web crawlers

In an effort to push for an official web crawler standard, Google has made its robots.txt parsing and matching library open source with the hope that web developers will soon be able to agree on a standard for how web crawlers operate online.

The C++ library is responsible for powering the company’s own web crawler Googlebot which is used for indexing websites in accordance with the Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP). Through REP, website owners are able to dictate how web crawlers that visit their sites to index them should behave.

Using a text file called robots.txt, web crawlers such as Googlebot know which website resources can be visited and which can be indexed.

The rules for REP were written by the creator of the first search engine, Martijn Koster, 25 years ago and since that time REP has been widely adopted by web publishers but has never become an official internet standard. Google is looking to change this and hopes to do so by making the parser used to decode its robots.txt [...]  read more

Caroline Criado Perez Explains the ‘Gender Data Gap’

Caroline Criado Perez is a social activist and journalist who, in 2017, successfully campaigned for British banknotes to feature the image of Jane Austen, after the Bank of England said it would be phasing out Elizabeth Fry’s portrait in favor of Winston Churchill. Criado Perez has also been a vocal critic of Twitter’s policies around abusive tweets, since she herself has been the target of severe Twitter harassment. And her Women’s Room database of female experts tries to ensure that more women are tapped as sources in the media.

In her new book Invisible Women, Criado Perez examines different elements of the modern world that appear to be designed with less consideration for women: Transportation systems, medical devices and treatments, tax structures, consumer products, even the smartphones and voice-recognition technologies [...]  read more